Translation of flood in Spanish:


inundación, n.

Pronunciation /fləd/ /flʌd/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of water)

      inundación feminine
      (caused by river) inundación feminine
      (caused by river) riada feminine
      we had a flood in the bathroom se nos inundó el cuarto de baño
      • the Flood el Diluvio (Universal)
      • the flood damage los daños causados por las inundaciones
      • the flood victims los damnificados por las inundaciones
      • The main cause of flooding in the city centre is the use of flood barriers beyond the city centre.
      • ‘We don't know whether the bridge can cope with that amount of water during a flood and it could eventually collapse,’ he said.
      • Areas on the map are given low, moderate or significant risk ratings according to their location, the predicted water levels and the flood defences in place.
      • Residents in Chapel Street and The Sands were evacuated to the town's Public Hall as the water level rose to just two inches below the flood protection barriers.
      • Here droughts, floods and locusts destroy crops and rinderpest kills cattle.
      • When Cawood faced severe flooding in 2000, club members pumped away water seeping through the flood defences for three days.
      • Firefighters, police, council workers and Thames Water joined forces to fight back the flood and limit the damage.
      • These include running off large volumes of silt-laden water during the flood season, from May to September.
      • The receding of the water from the dry land after the flood sounds like the second and third days of Creation.
      • The agency has launched an online advice service for small to medium-sized businesses to limit the flood threat.
      • The bridge was destroyed by floods in 1723 and a new one built in 1775.
      • Dissatisfied with these giants, Virococha caused a great flood, whose waters still remain in Titicaca.
      • With flood irrigation, the water table near the creek is raised, that is, the amount of water in the soil is increased.
      • You need to know how to cut off your water supply in a flood.
      • Once you break the rim of the bowl and the water pours in, it's not like an ordinary flood, where the water comes and it goes.
      • We just couldn't see a thing and all the time there was water coming like a flood behind us, and smoke and fires.
      • These initial releases were not successful, because all the plots were destroyed by herbicides, floods, or droughts.
      • They bear the cost of droughts, floods, and trade barriers into Europe.
      • Water logging and floods are invariably the fallout during rains.
      • He said people in the area were very hard working but they were being frustrated by natural calamities such as drought and floods which were destroying the crops before they matured.

    • 1.3

      (of complaints, calls, letters) avalancha feminine
      (of complaints, calls, letters) diluvio masculine
      (of words, light, energy) torrente masculine
      (of people) avalancha feminine
      (of people) riada feminine
      she was in floods of tears estaba hecha un mar de lágrimas
      • Accurate or not, the flood of bad news appears to be reaching some kind of crescendo.
      • Another overlooked source of capital outflow comes from the flood of tourists visiting Hong Kong and other favourite destinations such as Bangkok and Singapore.
      • The first thing that needs to happen to create a flood of referrals into your personal training department is that you need to earn them.
      • This was a new and unfamiliar situation, leading me on to wonder whether I was entitled to a flood of credits from other artists for not appearing on their albums either.
      • He flushed with embarrassment at the flood of fragments of the memories of that time.
      • A flood of books about the man and his battles has appeared and the nostalgia has even given rise to a range of jewellery inspired by the gifts that Hamilton and Nelson gave each other.
      • In fact the BBC main news said next to nothing about such casualties until a flood of complaints from our readers appeared to contribute to a short-lived change in reporting.
      • Fox has now released a DVD version as part of the flood of war-related films that are appearing this May and June.
      • Particularly from the 1960s a flood of studies of all kinds appeared.
      • There doesn't appear to be a major drop-off of talent despite the flood of newcomers.
      • She could see the majestic house appear over the horizon, and a flood of hope soaked her spirit.
      • Spectators may be overwhelmed by the flood of words as well as the clash of absurdity and reality without having a chance to give it a moment's thought.
      • They believe that this report will embarrass the powers-that-be into triggering a flood of funds to tackle the ravages of heroin.
      • In the village, as he meets his sisters and others among whom he grew up, a flood of memories overwhelms him, and he abruptly changes his mind about selling the property.
      • Soon, the flood of refuges overwhelms the establishment, and all of the foreigners flee the war-torn nation.
      • A flood of sweetness overwhelmed her senses, making Shirley dizzy with pleasure.
      • It's easy to get overwhelmed by the flood of problems you encounter when you first go into business.
      • Pretty soon the outflow of dollars became a river, then a flood.
      • This stream became a flood in the mid 1800's when 17,000 people entered Canada through this port during a three year period.
      • Jamie's concerned question caught her off-guard and unleashed a flood of emotions.

  • 2

    reflector masculine
    foco masculine
    • The whitewashed walls glowed eerily in the light refracted from the flood lamps through the rain.
    • His eyes adjusted to the lack of light automatically, and he was able to see details as if they were under the light of a flood lamp.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (field/town) inundar
    (field/town) anegar
    the kitchen was flooded se inundó la cocina
    • During the incident water flooded an area that is beside the huge batteries that power the diesel-electric submarine.
    • Rashid said flooding the area with water was not the only goal of his ministry.
    • Cold water flooded the area, and Mira found herself panicking a little.
    • The hurricane caused a surge of water that flooded large areas of the historic city center.
    • Residents told the mayor and city officers that the problem began four years ago when a water pipe burst and began flooding the area.
    • Water flooded a state park and then rushed back into the black river.
    • What will happen next year when the water will flood Anjanvara's fertile fields?
    • The rain also put normal life out of gear as a number of residential areas were flooded and the main road in the town remained under water.
    • As the tide flooded the surrounding area, the water swamped his boat.
    • Water cooling is not provided internally and therefore the weld area is flooded with cooling water to keep the electrode wheels cool.
    • In contrast, conventional hydropower technologies often rely on the construction of tall dams that flood the area behind them.
    • Blood spilled from out of their wounds and the mesmerizing water regained its former position and flooded the area where Lilac and Daikon rested.
    • More than 80 buildings in the Plovdiv area were flooded.
    • Also the streets in the downtown Monterey area are flooded.
    • Homes along that area were also flooded, so I just wrapped up a story.
    • Many houses in this area were flooded in the 1982 disaster.
    • Cellars of most apartments in the low-lying area were flooded, with cars and two-wheelers submerged in water.
    • This is an open invitation to flooding once the monsoon arrives and if the Tawi does overflow it will be a disaster.
    • The engine room is flooded and will have to be pumped dry, as will a ballast tank in the bow of the vessel.
    • As a result, more than 1,600 properties across the region were flooded, as rivers such as the Ouse and Derwent reached record levels and burst their banks.
  • 2

    Motor Vehicles
    (engine) ahogar
    • Is this an acceleration effect, like flooding the engine with petrol before starting a journey, or is it an unsustainable curve?
    • Do this before hooking up the fuel system to avoid flooding the engine with fuel.
    • He tried to start several more times but eventually he could smell the faint smell of gasoline meaning that he had flooded the engine.
    • The idea is to maintain a full tank, not flood the engine.
    • I throw the car into drive and flood the engine with my right foot.
    • The fed went from deflation, sort of stalling the engine to flooding the engine.
    • Trouble can start if you go too fast as the bow wave you create could flood the engine.
    • The biggest danger when entering the water is to create a bow wave that could flood the engine.
    • An official report shows a plane crash was most likely caused by an engine being flooded with fuel.
    • I thought that I must have flooded something and that all would be well when the engine dried out.
  • 3

    we've been flooded with applications nos han inundado de solicitudes
    • the stage was flooded with light el escenario estaba inundado de luz
    • to flood the market with imports inundar / saturar el mercado de productos importados
    • Investors are worried that if the issuer were to choose the share option, the market could be flooded with shares, making it difficult to convert them to cash.
    • With the prices of handsets getting slashed week after week, the market is flooded with a wide range of latest models to choose from, depending on one's personal need.
    • In a country with such a long tradition of corruption, one need not be a fortune-teller to predict that soon the black market will be flooded with such language diplomas.
    • Or what about if the market is suddenly flooded with cheap lighters - the price then drops to an all time low of 6 for £1.
    • But when they reopened, the market was flooded with farmers trying to sell their animals as quickly as possible to avoid disease.
    • The new car market is flooded with foreign budget brands, with more models scheduled for release in the UK this year alone than ever before.
    • For when yields rise, the market is flooded with grain, and its price collapses.
    • When it comes to fat-loss supplements, the market has been flooded with gimmick after gimmick.
    • It is more sophisticated than flooding an area with police officers because you have got to be in the right place at the right time.
    • Burns wants the emphasis switched from treating to preventing disease and is encouraging radical plans to flood deprived areas with specialist health workers.
    • The crowds cheered and flooded the basement, only to realize that no staircase led to the next floor.
    • Adults with rattling coughs, fevers and aches flooded their makeshift exam room.
    • The changing rooms have been flooded by the juniors, and now demonstrate sedimentation patterns wonderfully.
    • By the morning, police had flooded the sleepy area.
    • Police have flooded a city area with leaflets appealing for information after four men were shot - and one of them died - in the space of three weeks.
    • In the latest phase on the crackdown of pirate goods flooding the area, trading standards officers seized £91,000 worth of fake DVDs.
    • The company floods each country with engineers, who spend months studying consumer habits and potential pitfalls.
    • There were people already gathered and there would be soon even more crowds that would flood the street.
    • Most of the crowd had flooded the exits now, with only a handful of amazed onlookers diving for cover under the dugouts.
    • The depression that followed the conclusion of war wiped out some manufacturers when British goods again flooded the market.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (river/stream/sewers) desbordarse
    (mine/basement) inundarse
    the bathtub/washing machine is flooding el agua se está saliendo de la bañera/lavadora
    • Elected officials also had to clear up deliberately blocked toilets as the floors flooded with urine.
    • The holds and engine room flooded, she was abandoned and later caught fire, at some stage breaking in two.
    • As she fired, two bombs struck her, one causing the engine room to flood, and the second crashed into the galley setting it ablaze.
    • The vessel's engine room began to flood at around 7.30 in the morning but the pumps could not keep pace with the incoming water.
    • I think the flood problems in Jakarta are almost impossible to solve, because the city floods every year, without fail.
    • The tears began filling and flooding her eyes with salt water.
    • Some roadways were flooding, and detours were set up.
    • In Pennsylvania heavy rains caused rivers and streams to flood their banks.
    • Water poured down from the mountain, feeding the gasping river, which promptly flooded its banks.
    • Many Poles recalled the devastating floods of 1997 when torrential rain then caused the river Oder to flood its banks.
    • Divers and search and rescue dogs are on high alert following warnings of rivers and streams flooding as the snow starts to melt.
    • It sank near Shatnal where the Meghna meets its tributaries and often floods its banks.
    • That wooden bridge, it would lead a pathway across a river that would flood every year at spring and become a frozen corridor of still ice when the cold came around.
    • The River Ivel was severely flooded over the weekend putting homes in Blunham, Sandy and Shefford at risk and the A1 was closed.
    • When the river floods, it moves into the inundated rainforest.
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    Motor Vehicles
  • 3

    the crowd flooded out of/into the stadium la multitud salió en tropel del estadio/entró en tropel al estadio
    • the news brought people flooding into the streets la noticia hizo que la gente se echara / se lanzara a las calles
    • to flood in entrar a raudales
    • donations came flooding in llovieron los donativos
  • 4

    sadness flooded through him lo invadió / lo inundó la tristeza
    • relief flooded through her sintió un gran alivio
    • memories came flooding back los recuerdos se agolparon en su (or mi etc.) memoria