Translation of floor space in Spanish:

floor space

espacio, n.


  • 1

    espacio masculine
    • The houses are detached bungalows with 157 square metres of floor space.
    • Gas-fired underfloor heating was installed in a bid to maximise the floor space available to the developers.
    • The international business now represents 37 per cent of group floor space.
    • We have eight campuses, most of them with excess land, a few with excess floor space.
    • The dance studio, dedicated to Mr. Baryshnikov, is a large room with ample floor space bordering two sides of the dance floor.
    • The architects added a mezzanine to create an extra 27,000 square feet of floor space.
    • Two interlocking squares form an eight-pointed star, modified by placing eight semicircles in the angles of the corners to create more floor space.
    • Four pigs were housed in each pen with 0.67 square metres of floor space provided per pig.
    • A storage cabinet in the hall brings the total floor space to around 56 square metres.
    • With the exception of the service core, the floor space is flexible enough to accommodate future program changes.