Translation of floorboard in Spanish:


tabla del suelo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈflɔrˌbɔrd/ /ˈflɔːbɔːd/


  • 1

    tabla del suelo feminine
    duela feminine Mexico
    • The second double bedroom has polished wooden floorboards, a picture window and built-in wardrobes.
    • The original stained timber floorboards are retained and there is a cast iron fireplace.
    • I crept silently into the living room, wincing when a hardwood floorboard creaked under my weight.
    • At the back of the dining room is a study with exposed varnished floorboards and built-in shelving units.
    • As in the remainder of the house, there are original stained black oak floorboards.
    • A floorboard creaked and she turned over to see what had made the noise.
    • They stayed absolutely still, but somehow managed to make those obnoxious floorboards creak.
    • I lifted the loose floorboard and took out a small white pebble.
    • She began to sneak towards Rosette's bedroom; avoiding the few creaky floorboards like the plague.
    • The interconnecting dining room and living room retain their original varnished floorboards.
    • Here wide varnished floorboards are set against rich yellow walls, more ornate plasterwork and a large cast-iron fireplace.
    • Internal features include pine floorboards, patio doors and a stone fireplace.
    • Oriental rugs over large antique pine floorboards soften and warm each space.
    • Matthew held his tongue and listened to the floorboards squeaking underneath him.
    • I then walk towards her bed and stop dead in my tracks the moment the floorboards squeak.
    • As I started to creep away, a floorboard squeaked.
    • And anyway, aren't stripped floorboards all the rage?
    • More specifically, there is a whole colony of mice, living under the floorboards in my bedroom.
    • The entrance hall has painted floorboards, like those used throughout the house, and understairs storage.
    • She recommended getting carpets thoroughly cleaned and said polishing floorboards is also worthwhile.
  • 2US

    Motor Vehicles
    suelo masculine
    piso masculine Latin America
    to have the accelerator down to the floorboards tener pisado el acelerador a fondo
    • Quickly he grabbed an old brown paper lunch sack from the back floorboards of his car.
    • I was driving last night, and when I went to brake, I had to practically shove the brake pedal into the floorboard to make the car stop.
    • She gazed at the floorboard of the car confused and light-hearted with Sade's annoying company.
    • Without warning, I lost the grip on the metal bar in front of me that was affixed down onto the floorboard of the car.
    • For the most part, it's three-plus hours trying to mash the accelerator pedal through the floorboard.
    • I turned the car off and looked at the floorboard, ashamed.
    • Bryan opened the car door and stood one foot on the floorboard; all the better to get away from this situation if he could.
    • He reached back into the car and pulled his bag off the floorboard.
    • Along with the seat adapters, the division added steel plating on the truck's sides, floorboard, tailgate and doors.
    • Still, happy and optimistic, they poured a ceremonial splash of rum on the car's floorboard for good fortune, and lurched away.