Translation of flourish in Spanish:


florecer, v.

Pronunciation /ˈflərɪʃ/ /ˈflʌrɪʃ/

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intransitive verb

  • 1

    (arts/trade) florecer
    (business) prosperar
    (plant) darse bien
    (plant) crecer bien
    the children are flourishing los niños están creciendo sanos y saludables
    • In the summer months it smelled of warm spices and sweet lavender from the growing gardens where the plants flourished and blossomed.
    • What kind of first year it experiences in a new territory can make the difference between an invading species of mushroom flourishing or failing.
    • Years later people still say to the daughter that the plant is flourishing.
    • Here, in the middle of the Périgord in France, tropical plants were flourishing in the shelter of a limestone crag.
    • The first plants flourished; but Brandt sold out for personal reasons and left the Territory.
    • My basil plant is flourishing on my windowsill, but I'm bored out of my mind with the stuff.
    • When he transplanted the upunu (as the owoc called it) to the valley floor, the plants flourished.
    • Plants flourished in places where climatic conditions previously limited growth.
    • Your plants will also flourish with a little extra attention.
    • Many species of waterfowl flourish in the island's lagoons, creeks, and mud flats, which attract many migrating North American species.
    • All animal life depends on plants, directly or indirectly, and nowhere do plants flourish with such vigour and variety as they do in the warm, wet tropical rainforests.
    • He sees two reasons for the species flourishing.
    • Sometimes we see several rings of slightly different color, each a species flourishing in a different temperature range.
    • A bonus of the koala-friendly restrictions is that many other native species are flourishing also.
    • But enough of them hop on to the correct host to keep the species flourishing.
    • The bird flourished throughout its range from the northern tip of Venezuela down the spine of the Andes to the southern tip of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina.
    • Illegally introduced warm-water fishes flourished in the impoundment, presumably replacing the native species.
    • These changes help the bacteria flourish within the light organs.
    • These bacteria flourish in warm, wet conditions, the very ones that characterize body wraps.
    • My garden is filled with plants which grow and flourish in what is essentially a micro-climate.
    • Buddhism itself, however, continues to flourish, having successfully responded to the challenge of colonialism and adapted to modern democracy.
    • For basketball to flourish yet more successfully in England it had to develop a solid infrastructure, said Nelson.
    • It was a time of rapid economic growth for the new country and the university flourished and rapidly expanded.
    • ‘Since then the group has flourished and continues to put on successful original works,’ says Charlotte.
    • Cher's music career continued to flourish, but the Oscar made her a genuine movie star, even if she's only made a handful of movies since.
    • Unlike Norton and Margot, their career continued to flourish through the forties and fifties, but no longer as a brother act.
    • It was an extensive enterprise that continued to flourish until the Great Depression.
    • Folk care of sick animals antedated the arrival of Europeans and continued to flourish even after the veterinary profession began to develop.
    • As long as research continues to flourish, the conditions and collaborations necessary to further it will continue to change.
    • The trick, now, will be to turn all this enthusiasm and increased awareness and skills in our young people into more, flourishing, successful and high-growth businesses.
    • To those choosing to marry someone of a different faith, such marriages have flourished and will continue to do so.
    • ‘People that subscribe to sites like these create a market and while people continue to subscribe, these sites will continue to flourish,’ he said.
    • Hopefully, independent music will still continue to flourish in the city of Calgary and other operations will recognize the value of promoting live entertainment.
    • Despite police claims that they have regularly conducted raids to cleanse the city of gambling dens and other gaming sites, most have continued to flourish across the capital.
    • This month they moved to their new site, in the Boulevard, and I hope that they continue to flourish now that they are in the town centre.
    • Indigenous people are proud of the fact they survived the colonial era and they are determined to flourish, continue their traditions and assert their rights.
    • Byzantium continued to flourish for yet another millennium.
    • Contrary to the expectations of the prophets of secularism, the Christian religion continues to flourish in western societies at the end of the twentieth century.
    • Many clients are also continuing to flourish with the help of our strategic planning program.
    • The mayor said that while larger industries continue to flourish in the region, small companies in particular need more support and better help.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (stick/letter) blandir
    (stick/letter) agitar
    • The opening story, Celia, is a cheerless piece about a woman who will go to bed with anyone who flourishes a bottle.
    • At the same time he opened them to a procession of shonks, one of whom went around the world flourishing a letter signed by Cairns authorising him to raise funds for the Australian government.
    • Now the water was up to his chest and his right arm flourished the vodka bottle over his head.
    • He grinned, trying to shake off his morning glumness, and swung his own gleaming blade around, flourishing it with expertise.
    • The exuberant audience, in an elixir of patriotism, rejoicing in jingoism and flourishing Union Jacks, swells to the strains of Jerusalem, the other national anthem.
    • They leapt ashore from their longboats, flourishing their broadswords and shouting: ‘Ou-est la jolie kunta?’
    • As I listened to the talk about ‘darshan’ at various places, I imagined I saw those beaming singers flourishing bloody knives.
    • But when the big boys come calling, flourishing their fat cheques, will Birlinn be any better at holding on to its prize assets than cash-strapped Polygon?
    • But flourishing a file of letters of complaint sent to the authority since early spring, the local farmer said the council was in the wrong.
    • Old and young alike emerge dustily from the scrum, flourishing their trophies.
    • It's all very well flourishing the old tax bribe, a favourite trick of these conjurers.


  • 1

    (showy gesture)
    floreo masculine
    floritura feminine
    with a flourish haciendo un floreo / una floritura
    • with an elegant flourish con un gesto / ademán elegante
    • With a flourish and a gesture that was almost comical in its theatrics, she ignored my queen and advanced a totally unconnected pawn.
    • With a flourish he stood, gesturing for me to stand as well.
    • Now, pigeons sit on his shoulders, and passing poets salute him with a flourish of the walking stick.
    • He bowed gracefully, taking her hand with a flourish and kissing it, leaving a red lipstick mark.
    • ‘You're welcome, Mademoiselle Eponine,’ he said with a flourish, and kissed my hand.
    • Katie finished with a flourish, pushing Cody out of the way and walking with a purpose to the reception area.
    • He gestured toward Alpha Flight with a flourish.
    • The curtain rises with a flourish, stirring Norm's attention out of the room.
    • In a recurrent gesture, one arm reached up with a flourish to allow a quick turn of her body around itself.
    • He gestured to the now empty chair with a flourish, and grinned, flashing sharp teeth.
    • Changing his moods, as he forcibly beat every cymbal in his percussion set, Sivamani played with the sticks as if they were a pair of magic wands, twirling them with a flourish for extra effect.
    • Mauritians are also partial to a snack, sold by streetside vendors who cook up on charcoal braziers, fanning the flames with a flourish - another excellent exposure to the outdoor life.
    • In fact, I would rather have been in a bunker,’ he said with a flourish of his hands.
    • Finishing each set-piece with a flourish, he gives a delighted how-about-that-then, a did-you-see-that flick of the wrist.
    • Then, with a flourish, he pops the skull back inside the skin, and before I can even sneeze, I am staring into the dead eyes of a recognisable curlew, beak and all.
    • We readily join the festivities as Ong seats us with a flourish at a table of confused Latvian models, and it is a couple of hours before we drag ourselves away for the short walk to our final stop.
    • The squad often stopped their luxury cars and would oblige with a flourish of their own felt-tipped pens while posing for pictures with the youngsters.
    • The coach gave the signal and turned on the hose with a flourish.
    • I just wish I had a more coherent thought here to discharge with a flourish into the dense fog that blankets the republic.
  • 2

    floritura feminine
    firulete masculine Latin America
    (in signature) rúbrica feminine
    • Unnecessary curves, strokes, flourishes, dots and lines can prove to be counter-productive, he says.
    • Papa's script was so beautiful it was almost illegible and now, when I see something he wrote, those flowing tails and flourishes make my throat close.
    • My handwriting was so much more simple than her flourishes and sweeps and big spacing.
    • A small note below told the address of the family's home, and was signed with a loopy quasi-calligraphic flourish; Save a spot for me Robyn.
    • Within the fortress of the conference halls, gold-plated pens sign off with a flourish on secret agreements that will change the shape of the world.
    • I slowly amassed quite an impressive portfolio of rejection letters, each impeccably typed on embossed letterheads and signed with a flourish.
    • But such fierce determination to prevail will be matched by the hosts, who want to sign off the ill-starred campaign with a flourish.
  • 3

    (fanfare) fanfarria feminine
    (ornament) floritura feminine
    • For the songwriter looking to add more than a few twists to his compositions, or the arranger looking to add jazz flourishes to otherwise straightforward pop tunes, this certainly could be a fun book to consider.
    • For a single string instrument to take centre stage, as opposed to a mere flourish or adornment of a greater composition, it needs depth and commanding presence to fill the space.
    • With a flourish and dramatic double-punch at the keys the music has taken over the room and his finale is performed in awed silence as a few people sip at their drinks, eyes affixed to the young man's back.
    • Once, imagining he was playing in front of an audience, he finished with a flourish, and stood up and bowed to the applause thundering in his ears.
    • As sudden musical flourishes precede and follow more tentative, delicate passages, so hope and anxiety seem to dance across the song's brightly colored sonic eggshell floor.
    • They turn out a flamboyant blend of jazz, folk, funk and classical guitar, with flourishes of Latin acoustic guitar of a most impressive standard.
    • The subtle string flourishes and guitar parts in the background are what really make the song, though, as Rouse's voice is merely serviceable in the understated verses.
    • Tanto Tempo updates traditional bossa nova by adding subtle programmed beats, jazz flourishes and English and Brazilian vocals.
    • Both brothers like their father, musically speaking, are rather erratic instant effect with quack, ornamental flourishes that be tied down to ponderous vistar.
    • The Basque Gabriel's Message (again in an arrangement by Harvey) is properly festive with flourishes in the trumpets to accompany the Annunciation.
    • By contrast, St Cecilia sweeps in on joyous flourishes from trumpets and drums, with rushing strings as buoyant as those that welcome Handel's Queen of Sheba.
    • ‘Eskimo Lament’ comes first, drenched in sombre piano and plucked guitar, before the arrival of gorgeous harmonies and trumpet flourishes.
    • The following day she was proclaimed by heralds with flourishes of trumpets at various places in London, to the stony disapproval of the citizens.
    • I love the Candoli trumpet flourish used for a stop before Wynton's solo turn midway through the song.