Translation of flow in Spanish:


fluir, v.

Pronunciation /floʊ/ /fləʊ/

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intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (liquid/electric current) fluir
      (tide) subir
      (tide) crecer
      (blood) correr
      (blood) (from wound) manar
      (blood) (from wound) salir
      the Seine flows through Paris el Sena pasa por / atraviesa París
      • the river flows into the sea el río desemboca / desagua en el mar
      • the current was flowing strongly la corriente era muy fuerte
      • tears flowed down her cheeks las lágrimas le corrían por las mejillas
      • Irish blood flowed through his veins sangre irlandesa corría por sus venas
      • I feel like low voltage electricity is flowing through my blood, gentle convulsions rippling through my skin and muscle, as my body is making its own judgment of the situation.
      • The external fuel tank, for instance, is full of oxygen and hydrogen cooled to - 400 F. to make the gases flow as liquids.
      • I plug it in, set it, and as long as there is electricity flowing through power lines, it will run forever it seems.
      • Return gas flows back through the heat exchanger to pre-cool the incoming high pressure gas mixture.
      • The condensed liquid water flows to a separate storage chamber.
      • The liquid blue nectar was flowing like water until we bounced over to Metronome.
      • Huygens' data provide strong evidence for liquids flowing on Titan.
      • And reverse irradiation resulted in a reverse of the flow, water flowing down and air up.
      • Exhaust gases flow through the CO 2 sorbent bed before being released into the atmosphere.
      • The quantity of a rich component contained in an exhaust gas flowing into a catalyst during a period of time period is calculated.
      • By reversing the direction electricity flows through a magnet the poles can be reversed.
      • By studying it, there were able to tell that it had once had liquid water flowing through it.
      • However, if liquid water flowed on Mars in the distant past, the climate might have been very different from what it is today.
      • Red liquid flowed in tiny streams from his clenched fist, but he didn't seem to notice.
      • As the hot, high-pressure gas flows through the condenser, it radiates heat into the ambient air and cools down.
      • First the flow is minimal, but then as more and more water flows out, the current gets faster and faster.
      • Electricity flows through the tube when the light is turned on.
      • It cost about €15 million, and now electricity flows in both directions over the border.
      • This free electricity will flow indefinitely, without much, or any maintenance.
      • The higher the amount of water pressure, the more water will flow through the hose.

    • 1.2(run smoothly, continuously)

      (traffic) circular con fluidez
      (music/words) fluir
      the aim is to keep the traffic flowing lo que se pretende es que el tráfico sea fluido / que circule con fluidez
      • work is flowing (along) nicely el trabajo marcha muy bien
      • capital has been flowing out of the industry at an alarming rate la industria se ha descapitalizado a un ritmo vertiginoso
      • the ideas that flowed from her pen las ideas que manaban de su pluma
      • complaints/congratulations have been flowing in (nos) han llovido las quejas/felicitaciones
      • Wa Luruli's film has a light touch and the story flows effortlessly.
      • The names of roads, intersections, and neighbourhoods in several cities flow effortlessly from his mouth.
      • Novels seemed to flow effortlessly out of him, including masterpieces such as Crome Yellow and Point Counter Point.
      • It's pure Telangana dialect that flows effortlessly.
      • But even his words flowed effortlessly and mesmerised the audience.
      • The pace of service was spot on; each course flowed effortlessly into the next.
      • Johnson had a blazing fastball that flowed effortlessly from his exaggerated sidearm delivery.
      • Through the day we addressed ten meetings, and with each talk I give, my thoughts flow more easily and effortlessly.
      • No one could understand or agree with his techniques, which seemed to flow so effortlessly.
      • As anyone who's been to an African-American barbershop knows, the conversation flows freely.
      • As information flows more freely and people become increasingly open-minded, sex is no longer a taboo subject.
      • There was little more than a rather brutish Ploughman's to tempt them, foodwise, but that didn't stop the wine, and conversation, from flowing freely.
      • Information is flowing freely, which it has never done before.
      • Last Thursday, a steady trickle of supporters flowed into the stadium shop to buy tickets for today's game against Rangers at Pittodrie.
      • A steady stream of regulars too started flowing in, delighted at eating more, paying less.
      • Other assistance and offers of help keep flowing in.
      • Bangalore is facing a serious shortage of retail real estate space despite investments of Rs 500 to Rs 600 crore flowing in since January.
      • Pledges for Geraldton's proposed community bank are flowing in and the working group behind the project remains optimistic the bank will become a reality.
      • In Mazar-e-Sharif, election officials said today they had not yet received ballots that were supposed to be flowing in from five northern provinces.
      • Entries have also been flowing in for the Young Achiever of the Year Award, and for the short story, creative writing and photography competitions.
      • And after three months of rehearsals, the rest of the 21-strong cast would be right to expect the accolades to come flowing in from the audience.
      • Reports of human rights violations implicating the Army keep flowing in from conflict zones in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Maluku and Papua.
      • With aid and arms flowing in, the ruling group was interested not in fostering economic development but in self-enrichment.
      • In this federal election year, with three marginal SA city-based seats, pledges of support from politicians are flowing in.
      • And the pace has never really slowed, with regular orders for thousands of soaps flowing in from the US, Asia and Australia.
      • And suddenly those who had labelled him as a ‘flop hero’ re-adopted him and offers started flowing in.
      • Today books and movies are flowing in from around the world.
      • When the wall came down 15 years ago, East Germans were promised their lives would be enriched with new homes, money and jobs flowing in from free Europe.
      • Companies are hiring again and projects are flowing in.
      • In fact, he's go to, if US dollars are to keep flowing in.
      • We have troops flowing in from Alabama, Kansas, just about every state we're bringing troops in.
      • Updates on the violence were flowing in from across the city.
      • He said prices would likely rise to meet the demand and to limit an overload of tourists if Americans start flowing in.

    • 1.3(fall loosely)

      (hair/dress) caer
      • His long black hair covered his white feathered cape, and her long black hair flowed over her white deerskin dress.
      • Her long blonde hair flowed over her shoulders and the tight black leather outfit showed off her aforementioned attributes quite well.
      • Dark hair flowed over her shoulders, down to the small of her back.
      • Her long brown hair flowed over her shoulders, and her face looked so peaceful, like nothing had ever happened.
      • Her hair flowed over her shoulders like a curtain that hid their faces from the world, only left to stare at each other.
      • He had a simple gold circlet and his light brown hair flowed over his shoulders on his white cape.
      • Her hair was loosely flowing around her shoulders, its flaxen curls bouncing gently every time she moved.
      • In the back, his purple hair flowed loosely, hair restraint gone.
      • The dress flowed over her slender body wonderfully and Christy knew that this would appease Charles.
      • He smiled back at the picture, marveling at the way Samantha's powder pink dress flowed over her body.
      • The gown flowed over her hips and down to the floor with a three-foot train trailing behind.
      • From the shadows Jenna appeared, her long black hair flowing gracefully down her back.
      • A slight glow surrounded her, her hair and dress flowed around her in an unfelt wind.
      • Her jet-black hair flowed gracefully as she strode toward him.
      • The whole way there her long, shiny black hair flowed in the gentle breeze.
      • The woman had her hands on her hips, shouting rapidly as her long dark hair flowed in the breeze behind her.
      • They claimed the graceful and curving hull looked like hair flowing back from the bow.
      • She walked slowly down the hallway, her raven hair flowing behind her with beauty and grace.
      • Her legs went forever, her hair flowed with the cloak as the wind caught both and lifted them slightly, teasingly.
      • Every step she took, crimson robe flowing gracefully behind her, took her closer to her fate.

  • 2

    (be plentiful)
    correr como agua
    the wine was flowing when we arrived cuando llegamos el vino corría como agua
    • Logically, all OEMs covet a piece of the prestige markets as that is where the money flows in great quantities.
    • There is more information available, more information flowing.
    • The production models are now flowing and available for purchase, and we were pleased to get one of the first production units available.
    • At least the torrential rain had stopped pouring outside, while the never-ending supply of the usual beverages flowed copiously inside.
    • As copious wine flowed and retro disco music pounded, we were soon without doubt The Greatest Dancers In The World.
  • 3 formal

    (derive, follow)
    to flow from sth derivarse de algo
    • No breach of a Convention right has been alleged to arise as a result of the consequences flowing from the mistakes which were made in these cases.
    • In our submission, that directly flows from the result of the decision in Lim.
    • The principal point in issue flows from the fact that Braymist, the vendor, was not in existence at the time the agreement was signed.
    • Much of the hot air in the origins debate flows from the confusion between MetaN and MethN.
    • Other problems, less visible, but just as pressing, flowed from the funding issue.
    • However, my comments have all flowed from the original overriding brief to Masons.
    • Manferdelli's presentation is however a good entry point to the debate, as many of the other issues flow from it.
    • The result can be disproportionately strong governments whose power flows from American money and weaponry.
    • This conclusion arises from the limited benefits which flow from the project.
    • That is exactly and fairly what flows from the Full Court decision.
    • No, we are not suggesting that, your Honour, but we say that something flows from the decision that then flowed.
    • That advantage flows from the existence of a certificate rather than the identity of the holder of the certificate.
    • The reasoning in this decision flows from the assumption that the conduct of the parties should be regarded as physical violence.
    • Well, if market power is no longer the advantage that flows from monopoly or near monopoly, what is it now?
    • That must not deflect me from making the proper order today about costs flowing from the decision which I have reached.
    • Yes, and it was often quite easy to identify a business advantage flowing from acting as a member of a group.
    • That is, intuitive linear thinking assumes that great events flow from solemn decisions of great magnitude.
    • That work is commencing, and any decisions that flow from that will be made at the appropriate time.
    • The next term will be blighted by all that flows from that.
    • Everything (including profits) flows from this core value of serving the users.


  • 1

    • 1.1(of liquid, current)

      flujo masculine
      circulación feminine
      to prevent the flow of blood from a wound impedir que mane / salga la sangre de una herida
      • rate of flow caudal
      • a free flow of air is vital es indispensable una buena ventilación / que circule bien el aire
      • The tap was left running and the steady flow of water crept across the wooden floor.
      • And so firefighters were at the ready with what they dubbed a foam attack, a steady flow of foam and water to blanket the blaze and hopefully smother it.
      • Further reading turns up that a steady flow of water acted as a moderator for the reaction, keeping it at a low but steady burn in a sustained reaction.
      • A storage pond was built to guarantee a continuous flow of water to the mill in dry periods when the water level in the stream became too low.
      • Villagers remained stranded as they could do nothing about the continuous flow of water but wait until it subsided.
      • Had we had a continuous flow of water, we would have done it much faster.
      • Out of nowhere, tears started bubbling up and rolling down my cheeks, a steady flow of salty water from deep inside me.
      • Nicholas tried to grab the edge of the shaft and escape the stream, but the water flow was too powerful and he was carried along.
      • The spiral wave inhibits normal waves, just as eddies in a stream inhibit the smooth flow of water.
      • A nuclear power reactor needs a steady flow of cooling water.
      • This is because carp generally like to patrol in the edge, out of the flow and along the drop-off into the deeper water of the central channel.
      • The second fan generated a semblance of underwater movement in Atlantic, scrim rippling along the flow.
      • A dam controls the continuous flow of water in a river, whereas stopbanks may well be alongside a river that has no water in it at all.
      • It has now been shown in many studies that the Gulf Stream brings the warm flow of water that helps keep our weather hospitable.
      • The very next day, a freak summer windstorm clogged the water flow with leaves, flooding the flanking fields in London's Hyde Park.

    • 1.2

      (of traffic) circulación feminine
      (of information, knowledge) circulación feminine
      the recession halted the flow of capital la recesión frenó el movimiento de capital
      • it interrupted her flow of thought interrumpió el hilo de sus ideas
      • His intensity is constant, the flow of words an eternal torrent.
      • In the staging area of an overseas theater of operations, the flow of supplies competes with the flow of vehicles to add to congestion and confusion.
      • In wartime, the amount of stocks in any area might be affected by air raid damage, or the flow of supplies might be reduced temporarily by transport difficulties.
      • The Army had managed to moderate the flow of supplies into South Vietnam and keep the enemy off balance.
      • The resale of grain to villages which claimed to be deficient in food supplies hampered the flow of grain to the cities.
      • He and his men were to penetrate the U.S. defenses and disrupt the flow of supplies heading to their front line.
      • Normally, your PC's power supply controls the flow of electricity from the wall socket into the system.
      • Dufour's image freezes from time to time, chopping her movements and interrupting the flow of her words.
      • There are no regulated pedestrian crossings and the flow of traffic is constant.
      • Some writers, such as Jonathan Swift, wanted us to follow the French example and create an academy to regulate and limit the flow of new words.
      • What happens to stop the flow of words, and what can make it start again?
      • He was clearly a little hesitant about sharing his history with anyone for that matter, and she shouldn't interrupt the flow of his words lest it should ebb.
      • Since Walter self-published Beer in 1999, the flow of words has been virtually torrential.
      • Part of the problem lay in the fact that writing the book was a happy experience; no serious obstacle interrupted the flow of words.
      • I wanted to plug my ears or do something to stop the flow of words, but I knew I had to hear it, so I sat quietly and listened.
      • She willed herself not to go on, but she couldn't stop the flow of words.
      • I was pacing the room back and forth unable to control the flow of emotions rushing through me.
      • Neither side moved or said a word, as the flow of men stopped and silence took hold of the battlegrounds.
      • The logical division of every sentence was clarified by musical cadences which interrupted the flow of words.
      • But the commuter train is half empty, the flow of traffic at rush hour is uncannily smooth.
      • It does not circulate honestly through the economy, and in fact disrupts the smooth flow of money through the country.

  • 2

    • 2.1(stream)

      (of water, lava) corriente feminine
      (of abuse) torrente masculine

    • 2.2(menstrual)

      flujo masculine

    • 2.3(of tide)

      flujo masculine
      subida feminine
      the ebb and flow of the tide el flujo y reflujo (de la marea)
      • They would not have had to worry about the river flow at all.
      • They will also use the tide flow to kite away from you.
      • Remember that the ray will use their width broadside against the tide during the fight and you need the power to drag them back against the tide flow.
      • The narrow road follows the edge of the fjord-like Loch Long which can run like a river, especially at its narrowest point when filling up on the flow tide or draining on the ebb.

  • 3

    (of narrative, music) fluidez feminine
    (of material, fabric) caída feminine