Translation of flowing in Spanish:


largo y suelto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfloʊɪŋ/ /ˈfləʊɪŋ/


  • 1

    (beard/robe/hair) largo y suelto
    • She stood in the hallway in another one of her typical flowing dresses, her hair tied up this time and a small pair of silver glasses resting on her nose.
    • He was dressed in dark flowing clothing; she couldn't place the colour in the darkness.
    • She rode on the ocean's surface with the moon illuminating her flowing hair and garments.
    • Love the suit jackets and the flowing dress shirts.
    • The flowing hair and the thick beard, like an Old Testament prophet's, are intact; the lean figure and upright posture as taut as ever.
    • The technology will help women realise their dream of long, beautiful healthy flowing hair like Rapunzel's.
    • The flowing hair was being braided neatly as she sat, satisfied, near a window seat, chatting with her companion.
    • Ryo Hazuki, the title's central character, is a perfectly realised virtual human, right down to his flowing hair.
    • Some of them were talking to the young woman, conservatively-dressed in blouse and flowing skirt with suit jacket, standing beside them.
    • She wore a flowing dress of light lavender, a complement to the slight olive tint of her skin.
    • The dress Allie was wearing was a strapless white and flowing gown that fell to her ankles.
    • She fluffed her flowing hair and smiled charmingly at me.
    • He brushed his flowing hair behind his ears and leant forwards towards the wiry man, who was one of his ‘intrepid explorers’.
    • Bring a festive, flowing robe (maybe some flowers in your hair) and leave your inhibitions at the door.
    • His wife and business partner, Elizabeth, is also in black, a flowing dress that echoes her glossy black hair and highlights her porcelain-pale skin.
    • He sat next to her, and as she brushed her incredibly long flowing hair out of the way, her lonely but beautiful blue eyes met his deep brown ones.
    • Cassie always wanted to have long flowing hair like her mother.
    • Tall and beautiful, with long, fair, flowing locks, Griffin could be a schoolteacher, a college lecturer or a trendy university librarian.
    • Favorite materials are flowing and elegant fabrics, like brocade, lace, satin, chiffon.
    • Another option is a pull-on skirt - choose either a straight or softly flowing style.
  • 2

    (style/handwriting/movement) fluido
    • The forms he invented are usually very simple: they are slender and curving and create continuous flowing lines.
    • Curves are some of the most beautiful thing that nature has given us, the flowing lines, smooth and gentle.
    • If necessary, grinding should be done to maintain smooth flowing contours.
    • The images of the flower, bird and star were reproduced with smooth, flowing lines.
    • Forget the visual overload philosophy of Ferrari or Lamborghini, beautiful flowing lines and soft curves is where it's at.
    • Melody was expressed by line, tempi by flowing curves or short zigzags, and pitch by nuances of colour.
    • You are clothed in a raiment of ecru, perfectly molded to your smooth flowing curves.
    • The flowing lines and sweeping shapes of a little-known medieval sculptor are enough to tarnish Rodin's reputation.
    • Romantic art appeals strongly to people's emotions and usually consists of flowing lines and shapes.
    • The pilot had a throw-over hatch that conformed to the flowing line on the canopy.
    • The car's flowing lines and sleek profile hint at Volkswagen's design influence.
    • They have transformed the Folly's exhibition space with flowing lines, several six-feet partitions and books detailing each person and their journey.
    • It has no sharp edges, only non-aggressive flowing lines.
    • It looks more adventurous, too, what with its curvy rump, flowing lines and funky lights fore and aft.
    • A snake slithered over its flowing contours, settling into a small hollow beneath the mound.
    • That sloping top tube extends the flowing lines to the rear triangle a treat.
    • From the ground, the flowing lines of the columns that used to rise skyward to a height of 1,360 approximately looked like the slim trunks of a closely planted row of trees.
    • Ascending along this road, you open a valley broad and shallow, a wide green trough of pastures and hedges merging inland into a vista of purple tints and flowing lines closing the view.
    • The flowing contours reflect and resolve the different scales of the various parts of the building.
    • Deliberately avoiding the gothic style of classic trophies, he chose sleek, flowing lines in a rising tribute to sporting achievement.
    • Her detractors gleefully held up her lack of articulateness in comparison to the flowing narrative of her prose.
    • His writing is graceful, flowing and confident.
    • Most they put immediately back because they were written in Dimish and the Neraks could not read the graceful, flowing script.
    • Each movement was flowing and graceful, as delicate as a butterfly.
    • His racquet moves in graceful, flowing patterns, each follow-through full and intentional.
    • On the other hand Calsy had more of a ballet dancer's with his flowing and graceful moves as he nailed each step at the exact time he was told.
    • Scrupulously researched and presented in an open, flowing prose, these works have reached a far wider audience than those of the majority of academic social historians.
    • The varied and consistently gifted voices use flowing prose to honor myriad erotic expressions of black sensuality.
    • He has produced a comfortable read with flowing prose and bite-sized chapters.
    • The book and the tale of Wright's contribution to Loyalist terror are made even more gripping by Anderson's flowing writing style.
    • Sir Samuel has a flowing style of writing that never gets bogged down or turgid.
    • Others paid tribute to a man who gave the impression that he wrote with all the time in the world, in an easy flowing style.
    • Williams writes with a clear and flowing style; he also furnishes the historian with a paradigm for writing a college's history.
    • It would be untrue to suggest, however, that the attractive, flowing style evinced by this team stems directly from Kerr's football philosophy.
    • Therefore, in a kata demonstration competition, I think our style might be no match for the flowing style of others.
    • If their flowing style isn't working - usually when Henry is off the boil - they are dead.
    • Throughout his book, White maintains a flowing style and compresses a large number of facts into a highly readable history.