Translation of fluency in Spanish:


fluidez, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfluənsi/ /ˈfluːənsi/

Definition of fluidez in Spanish


  • 1

    (in speech, writing)
    fluidez feminine
    soltura feminine
    she speaks French with great fluency habla francés con mucha fluidez / soltura
    • fluency in Basic/French is mandatory es imprescindible poseer dominio de Basic/del francés
    • Even the US Supreme Court, unrenowned for its fluency in articulating harms, has recognized that fact.
    • He possessed an artist's intuition and a fluency with articulate meanings.
    • But then in his post-victory remarks, the candidate went on and on and on, boringly, without the lift and eloquence and fluency of even his opponent.
    • Intelligence and verbal fluency are not necessarily linked, as listening to 30 minutes of commercial radio will attest.
    • They eagerly turned to literature printed in the East to acquire fluency in the expressive, if nonverbal, rhetoric made possible by this new sensibility.
    • He, of course, noted her paralysis, but also noted an impairment in naming things and in verbal fluency, difficulties in expressing herself, in reading a paragraph and slowness in learning.
    • Don Eckelberry was a rare individual who possessed wide-ranging fluency of expression in his conversation, his writing, and in his painting.
    • The grownups just laughed and commented on our intelligence and fluency.
    • He found music students lacking in fluency and expressiveness.
    • The women danced to declare their fluency of expression and the knowledge it implied, and they did so unencumbered by the kin group duties that attended such displays.
    • He was one of those rare writers who could express himself verbally with a fluency that equalled his literary ability.
    • In Britain, because of the historical importance of parliament, we place a higher value on verbal fluency in our national leaders.
    • This means you are highly intelligent and have the natural fluency of a writer and the visual and spatial strengths of an artist.
    • He covers issues like drug abuse and self-harm with considerable fluency and character and when he's not tackling world issues, sloppy commercial hip hop receives a shrewd and poetic put down.
    • She wore Indian dresses and spoke Urdu and Persian with fluency and French and English with a poor flow.
    • We conclude that the quantitative and qualitative evidence supports the contention that increases in fluency are attributable mainly to increases in the degree of proceduralization of knowledge.
    • With some professional help and regular self-therapy, he was able to develop fluency in most speech situations.
    • Her technique was characterized by a huge jump, lyrical fluency, and a classical purity of style.
    • In addition, as a U.S. Army veteran of the Persian Gulf War, the author brings to the analysis a fluency on strategic issues that military readers are certain to appreciate.
    • The cursing continued for some time, barely audible, and showing a fluency that even more jaded Institute graduates would have been shocked at.
  • 2

    (in movement)
    soltura feminine
    fluidez feminine
    • But fluency and cohesion are qualities that take time to develop and a clutch of new recruits, drafted in almost at one go, are unlikely to hit it off straight away.
    • Thus far this has been every bit as entertaining as I'd feared - no quality, no fluency.
    • Somewhere in between, Pankaj had one opportunity but by then his natural fluency and rhythm had been shattered and his contribution terminated at 15.
    • Moreover, they are helped to acquire a high level of rhythmic fluency, flexibility and precision, qualities that constitute the basis of any solid piano technique.
    • There was no fluency or rhythm as they struggled to catch the flow of the play.
    • Vast arrays of characters are played with fluency, creating extremely funny, but poignant, moments with an economy of style that keeps things clear and simple.
    • Other problems of fluency may also characterize stuttering, including blocking of sounds or interjection of words or sounds.
    • Assessment was based on instrumental fluency, musical syntax, creativity and overall musical quality.
    • Most people seem to have a natural fluency in thinking about beliefs, and this fluency helps to overcome the logical demands of a problem about the contents of another mind.
    • It is credible that dyslexia is especially connected to reading fluency, which is the most vulnerable domain of reading in regular orthographies.
    • Newcastle, though, edged the forward battle, where Scotland lock Stuart Grimes was to the fore, and it was their all-round fluency, prompted intelligently by Walder, which built the win.
    • As such, they carry out the versatility of their roles, demonstrating musical eloquence and theatrical fluency.
    • In Renaissance Italy, he became a student of Titian in Venice, liberating himself from the conventions of icon painting and developing a new fluency with brush and color.
    • But even in the youthful verses there is a technical fluency and a consistency of tone which is to be a permanent characteristic of all his work.
    • There's a new urgency and a thematic concentration to the poems, and the syntax is often sustained with a great fluency over long periods.
    • I sensed that if his hands were manacled, it would destroy the fluency of his speech.
    • The ease and fluency resides, as it were outside him, in the pre-formulated efficiency of the machinery of expression.
    • He's reaching an amazing level in his work, with a sustained fluency and engagement over a daunting number of complex projects, almost all at once.
    • NO, you don't need a full-time webmaster, a staff of IT personnel, an in-house server, and a fluency in JavaScript to make your mark in cyberspace.
    • The five artists played this splendid score with precision, marvelously pure intonation, and an idiomatic fluency that alternately charmed and astounded!