Translation of fluently in Spanish:


con fluidez, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈfluəntli/ /ˈfluːəntli/


  • 1

    (write/express oneself) con fluidez
    (write/express oneself) con soltura
    • She answered in a fluently written letter punctuated by dashes about the death of her husband.
    • She was speaking fluently about the family, most of which was having no impact on Faith.
    • He talks fluently about everything from his strategic vision for the bank to his economic forecasts.
    • He spoke fluently with lines that were completely brilliant.
    • He writes fluently in a manner that sustains interest over a wide range of subjects.
    • Right now, from his home in Houston, he's fluently relating every detail of his life to date over the telephone.
    • The pace is formidable, the wry tone even and well-sustained, and the narrative fluently written.
    • He sets out from a secure base and tells his story of Johnston's life fluently.
    • Few films have so fluently, so poignantly and amusingly, described contemporary Britons' attempts to overcome the shock of otherness.
    • The preface and introduction fluently delineate many of the issues raised by the speeches.
    • In 1987, approximately 125,000 Navajos on the reservation still spoke Navajo fluently.
    • Most Tanzanians with postsecondary educations speak both official languages fluently in addition to their tribal language.
    • Most also speak English fluently, which has made the transition to American society easier for many Indian immigrants.
    • It is not uncommon for Congolese persons to fluently speak four or more languages.
    • We were introduced to an American Peace Corps lady who could speak Oshiwambo fluently.
    • Approximately 300,000 people speak Welsh as their first language, just about all of whom will speak English fluently, too.
    • He is married to a Chinese woman and speaks Chinese fluently.
    • The dream of many Oneidas is that one day most members will be able to speak the language fluently.
    • He speaks about five languages fluently and a lot more in bits and pieces.
    • An Urdu speaker, he lived in Turkey from the age of 6 to 13, and he speaks Turkish fluently.
  • 2

    (move/dance) con soltura
    (move/dance) con fluidez
    • The figures within the narrative of the game fluently represent its wider thematic implications.
    • It is no coincidence that he moves fluently between traditional, isolated studio practice and his 13-year commitment to the housing project.
    • She backtracked as fluently as she had come forward, declaring that she could not remember any examples, and then proceeding to brush off the whole thing.
    • One highlight of the season has been seeing how fluently we all work together when developing the structures and choreographic sequences.
    • He fluently weaves between a canvas of dark and light tonalities to the effect of instilling an absorbing listening experience upon the would-be viewer.
    • It is a joy to hear such weightless, fluently articulated harp playing.
    • She is a most beautiful actress who, without much formal dance training, danced amazingly fluently throughout the evening.
    • As soon as his hands were clasped around his bass, his musical memory would shift straight into gear, his hands moving fluently.
    • He meets an isolated female who is his muse (moving fluently through classically statuesque poses) and his messenger of death.
    • The corps is not drilled in polite vertical lines—its six women keep fluently changing formations.