Translation of fluorescence in Spanish:


fluorescencia, n.

Pronunciation /flʊ(ə)ˈrɛsəns/ /flɔrˈɛsəns/ /flʊəˈrɛs(ə)ns/ /flɔːˈrɛs(ə)ns/


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    fluorescencia feminine
    • The uralolite exhibits faint green fluorescence in shortwave ultraviolet radiation.
    • Any fluorescence under ultraviolet light may also provide clues to the identity and status of a gemstone.
    • A laboratory technician checked urine for ultraviolet fluorescence indicating the presence of riboflavin.
    • When a beam strikes the card, the material produces fluorescence in the visible spectrum.
    • Our own observations showed that fluorescence was visible throughout the cytoplasm.
    • The fluorescence is not visible because the background was subtracted in each spectrum.
    • This fluorescence is visible even when the paper screen is at a distance of two metres from the apparatus.
    • The emitted fluorescence light from the sample surface was collected through a quartz flow cell.
    • The reflected fluorescence was detected via photomultipliers.
    • The greenish fluorescence seen under the light is due to an ectothrix infection of hairs, in which fungal spores form a sheath on the outside of the hair.
    • This is consistent with the weak dityrosine fluorescence observed under UV light.
    • The cellular genes are treated with fluorescence and literally light up the gene dots on the chip.
    • Protoplasts showing bright fluorescence were counted as viable.
    • My pupils contracted painfully from the relentless fluorescence of the lights above.
    • This is because fluorescence at this wavelength is strongly absorbed by chlorophyll within the overlying cells.
    • When illuminated with violet light, the tumour emits pink fluorescence that is detected by a highly sensitive camera.
    • As pollen grains and pollen tubes emitted very strong fluorescence, the pathways of growing pollen tubes could be easily observed.
    • The excited donor will emit fluorescence, leading to a decrease of efficiency.
    • The fluorescence intensity emitted by the chloroplasts is dependent on the amount of light absorbed by them.
    • By mixing different dyes, the colour of the fluorescence can be selected and hence a screen can be built up from loops of the fibres.