Translation of fluorescent tube in Spanish:

fluorescent tube

tubo fluorescente, n.


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    tubo fluorescente masculine
    tubolux masculine River Plate Trademark
    • They all have a pinkish/magenta hue and are designed to eliminate the greenish colour that fluorescent tubes and mercury-vapor street lights cast on daylight film.
    • Another simple step is to replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, which only use one-third the electricity and last 10 times longer.
    • In addition to retrofitting lights, ASC recycles fluorescent bulbs, which contain mercury, keeping about 750 bulbs a year out of landfills.
    • And yet they are really concerned with scientism, the ideological disease; for these camps, science grows in laboratories and creates light bulbs and fluorescent tubes.
    • The system is equipped with two fluorescent tubes emitting green light centered around 515 nm.
    • The other way that we encounter light is in devices that produce light - incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, lasers, lightning bugs, the sun.
    • Light boxes are made up of a set of fluorescent bulbs or tubes generally encased in small, portable devices of plastic or aluminum.
    • The light intensity of fluorescent tubes is also measured and rated on another standardized scale called lumens.
    • Hollywood Reporter felt that, ‘after a seductive start, it all becomes an empty swirl of smoke and mirrors - or, in this case, flickering fluorescent bulbs and icy glass’.
    • The unit measures approximately 30 inches by 24 inches by 7 inches externally and contains twelve 24 inch black light fluorescent tubes and 6 ballasts.
    • The laboratory was illuminated with fluorescent tubes and lamps with 40 - W bulbs placed 30 cm above the floors of plastic arenas to give extra heat and light.
    • Below the lenses and between each beam are a series of three shells - concave space frames that capture and diffuse the light emitted from the fluorescent tubes and the edges of the lenses.
    • White light was obtained from fluorescent tubes.
    • This pair recalls Dan Flavin's Minimalist installations in which fluorescent tubes shine their colored light from the rear.
    • Fruit were placed in an incubator maintained at 20°C with lighting from fluorescent tubes.
    • ‘Well I thought it was really stupid for two people to fill a fluorescent tube with petrol, light it and then attempt to have a light saber fight,’ said Peemil.
    • Next comes a ‘healer’ from Malaysia who lights a fluorescent tube held in his hand, and draws evil from a patient's body by rolling an egg over the afflicted.
    • This same process allows a spark to flow between the conductors of a spark plug or a stun gun, and also carries electricity from one end to the other of a fluorescent tube.
    • Bright fluorescent tube lights bathed him in a white glow and banished any shadows in the room, giving him plenty of detail to inspect.
    • Seedlings were exposed to light from a single fluorescent tube during measurement only.