Traducción de fluted en español:


estriado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfludəd/ /ˈfluːtɪd/

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    • The first models had the tumblers built into the case of the lock, which had a round fluted key.
    • The chocolate dipped shortbread should have been piped with a fluted nozzle.
    • Cut each mark about 1/2-inch into the fluted edge.
    • About 11,500 years ago in North America, people started using fluted stone points for hunting.
    • Cut brik dough into six rounds using a 2-inch diameter fluted cutter.
    • She wore a red robe, flowing in closely fluted lines from under a fancifully embroidered cloak.
    • For the barrel, Weatherby has contracted John Krieger to produce fluted, button-rifled pipes in stainless steel.
    • Check the drill manual to determine the proper fluted feed opening required for your particular cover crop seed.
    • Everywhere there are stone pillars, some fluted, some twisted, some many-sided.
    • To the left an aven with beautifully fluted walls soars up at least 30 metres.
    • A deep, radially fluted central cavity divides the mediolateral plates.
    • He also described finding a section of fluted glass from the lounge door underneath the coffee table.
    • Using a fluted cutter, cut between the filling mounds to make the ravioli.
    • The white fluted marble 70-foot high tower is located on the north end of Belle Isle in the Detroit River.
    • The fluted seed cups then precisely meter the desired amount of seed.
    • Grown in cooler, shaded areas of the garden, it has firm pointed heads with fluted, yellowish-green leaves.
    • This came in a small ovenproof dish served on a rectangular shaped fluted plate.
    • The main house boasts stout, fluted columns.
    • The brown, fluted seeds are found inside a round spongy fruit that grows in clusters on the bush.
    • At the site mainly stone points were found, finely chipped and fluted.
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    (border/edge) ondulado