Translation of flyblown in Spanish:


lleno de huevos de mosca, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈflaɪˌbloʊn/ /ˈflʌɪbləʊn/


  • 1

    (meat) lleno de huevos de mosca
    • Unfortunately, however, the rest of the fruit bowl is filled with nothing but mouldy old chestnuts and flyblown rhubarb.
    • No, I do not have to go to the co-op, scoop it from a flyblown communal vat with a wooden spoon, put it in my reusable crock and carry it to the barter-counter with the handy hemp handle.
    • Sure, it had a certain buzz, but so does a beached flyblown whale carcass.
    • I haven't worked sheep in many years, but I can remember flyblown sheep dead or dying, slowly and painfully.
    • Flemish pictures of the 15th century often show devotional woodcuts fixed to a wall with sealing wax, and already flyblown and curling up.
    • Or would they have simply let them become flyblown and rot?
    • There was ‘ongoing risk that residents' open wounds can become flyblown and infested with maggots’.
  • 2

    (window/shelf/glass) ensuciado por las moscas
    • Well, that only goes so far; you don't shop at his flyblown Meat Shoppe because he only started selling you blue meat last year.
    • What sane person sends the father of their infant children to a flyblown African country to look good?
    • The first is a Malawian who wants to escape to Britain because she's tired of striving for next-to-nothing in flyblown hospitals and looks forward to making 10 or 20 times her salary in a job with the NHS.
    • She claimed that it was her favorite place in Guadalajara, though as far as I could judge, it wasn't anybody's favorite place anywhere: it was a flyblown dump in need of a powerwash and a new theme.
    • Several nights before I took my Ph.D. from Los Alamos University, I bumped into the Dean of Sciences bending patched elbows at a flyblown bar.
    • We could help reconstruct pre-earthquake poverty and give Aceh back its one, flyblown hospital to treat a region's sick.
    • You meet them on the battered buses, in the dusty parks, in the flyblown eating-houses, clutching copies of their ‘biodata’ in plastic folders.
    • It warns us in advance when starving, flyblown African children are about to be pictured in their death throes as we tuck into tea-time plates groaning with fresh food.
    • We sped through a flyblown Landi Kotal, once the last word in druggy entrepots, and on to Michni checkpost.
    • Freelance musicians at the lowest end of the corrido hierarchy, they wait on street corners or stroll through the flyblown cantinas, where for a pound a shot, they can offer you three minutes of glory.
    • The defence of a ruined fort in the flyblown town of San Antone, against a superior force of trained Mexican troops, seemed reckless in the extreme.
  • 3

    (shabby, old)
    (cafe/hotel) de mala muerte
    (cafe/hotel) pulgoso
    (cafe/hotel) pulguiento Southern Cone