Translation of foghorn in Spanish:


sirena, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɔɡˌhɔrn/ /ˈfɑɡˌhɔrn/ /ˈfɒɡhɔːn/


  • 1

    (de niebla) sirena feminine
    to have a voice like a foghorn tener un vozarrón informal
    • The ship's foghorn sounded mournfully into the mist.
    • Along the way they took recordings of the sounds of foghorns, lightships, coastguard stations and the voices of those who lived and worked there.
    • After this fun, a foghorn sounded to signal the beginning of a ‘self-guided’ walking tour.
    • And it all happens at once, to the ear-splitting sound of an eight-headed foghorn and the ringing of a phone.
    • As the crowds steadily grew, whistles and foghorns sounded in the lead-up to the first speakers appearing on the stage.
    • He was born by the sea; his childhood was filled with the sound of foghorns.
    • My voice, although it was smaller than that of a mouse, sounded like a foghorn in the sterile silence of this place.
    • Mr Davis said he sounded the foghorn and they shouted for help.
    • The horn would sound like a miniature foghorn that had caught a bad cold.
    • Leadri screamed in his ear, her voice not that far from the sound of a foghorn.
    • I enjoy the city sounds of early morning, especially when the foghorns are in the mix.
    • ‘Joy’ links a fluttery jungle beat with a distorted bass line that sounds like nothing so much as a foghorn.
    • In contrast, though, the foghorn blast from a lighthouse is one of the most hellish things on Earth.
    • Elsewhere, dune sounds have been likened to drums, foghorns and trumpets, among other things.
    • The sound effects are relatively basic as well, with consequent explosions, foghorn, and bird sounds sprinkled throughout.
    • Then, in the distance a foghorn wails and the roaming light of a lighthouse momentarily pierces the shadows.
    • Short, mournful melodies emerge, like foghorns singing to themselves absent-mindedly.
    • We surfaced to a flat-calm sea beneath one of the peculiar Victorian foghorns.
    • After a vessel-rattling blast of the foghorn, your boat moves out, opening up a view of the city that is just plain thrilling.
    • I could almost hear the two-tone foghorns knelling my demise.