Translation of foldaway in Spanish:


plegable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfoʊldəˌweɪ/ /ˈfəʊldəweɪ/


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    plegadizo Mexico
    • She even ripped off the foldaway table on the seat beside her.
    • Headrests in the three rear backrests fold away into the top of the seats for better visibility and there are foldaway tables in the backs of front seats.
    • The furniture consisted of just a bed, a foldaway table and a straight-backed kitchen chair.
    • A foldaway ladder gives access to storage space in the attic while the patio garden includes decking and a small lawn.
    • And a much-needed foldaway kitchen area will also be installed at the back of the church to cater for events.
    • Like its 206 CC sibling, the 4.32 metre long 307 CC is equipped with a foldaway roof that automatically stores itself in the boot.
    • The Cotswold Company sells a wall-mounted, foldaway ironing board for £99, which is full-size and pivots out from a neat wall-fixed unit.
    • Mayo in your Pocket is a foldaway, comprehensive double-sided A2 sheet, to pocket size information pack, containing not one but four maps.
    • He carries a foldaway pine stool, a well-thumbed copy of yesterday's Evening Standard and a small frying pan in a crumpled polythene bag.
    • My parents had a proper bed while I slept on a lumpy foldaway, which, to a child of nine seemed pretty cool.
    • The rain gear, the walking gear, the perambulators, foldaway stools and the kids were packed in.
    • Timber decking or a roll-out or foldaway floor mat can go some way to solving this.
    • The windows feature preservative-treated wood to resist water and insect damage, corrosion-resistant hardware, and foldaway handles.
    • Despite this massive foldaway equipment, pelicans are graceful fliers that soar together in flock formations.
    • There are seven seats with individual, swivelling chairs for the first two rows and a very comfortable foldaway bench at the very back.
    • This also means the cargo area loses its foldaway seats and sits 100 mm higher.
    • The property had foldaway doors between all rooms which meant that the house could either be closed off or fully opened up.