Translation of folk rock in Spanish:

folk rock

folk-rock, n.


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    folk-rock masculine
    • Drifting from folk rock to retro surf music and into classic guitar rock 'n' roll, the Durga's sound captivates all who hear it.
    • They weren't a real good guitar rock band, a real good folk rock band, and their experimentation leaves an entire list of somethings to be desired.
    • On balance, if you like folk rock, The Beta Band or Granddaddy, it's probably worth taking a chance on Tiger Flies.
    • This is folk rock for people that don't like folk rock.
    • Still, what the masses may have hated the music fan might appreciate, and in the history of folk rock, it at least deserves a footnote.
    • Like Beck he's not frightened of mixing bluegrass religiosity, slacker nonchalance or even English folk rock.
    • This debut is full of feelgood tracks (none of which are particularly original) that will no doubt appeal to fans of country / folk rock.
    • Now there's something you don't see at every folk rock show.
    • It starts off folk rock in feel, and builds up to a cosmic funk coda!
    • This may not be entirely surprising given that Britain's greatest folk rock band, Fairport Convention, came from Oxfordshire.
    • Other local musicians taking part will be folk rock band Orum and songwriter/singer/guitarist Nathan.
    • I have an eclectic taste in music, but with a particular fondness for jazz and folk rock.
    • The group's music cannot easily be sorted into a defined genre as their numbers have been influenced by blues, folk rock and jazz.
    • From the opening track, the Waltons make a beat and hold it for a stirring hour of folk rock in their most recent album Liv.
    • To say the least, Jimmy, who brands the music as ‘folk songs with really loud guitars - heavy-metal folk rock,’ is stoked about the event.
    • At McRory's on Easby Road on Sunday night you can catch some fine acts ranging from folk rock, cajun, blues, jazz and country rock.
    • Born in Buffalo in 1954, Case grew up squarely in the middle of the rise of folk rock and the continuing influence of the British Invasion bands.
    • In the 1980s, Linda and her then husband, Richard Thompson, were the voices of British folk rock.
    • He defiantly uses his laptop computer to push his music career and keep his folk rock pure.
    • The Byrds were eventually to develop the genre of country rock as they had invented folk rock years before, all under the leadership of McGuinn.