Translation of follow in Spanish:


seguir, v.

Pronunciation /ˈfɑloʊ/ /ˈfɒləʊ/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(go, come after)

      follow that cab! ¡siga (a) ese taxi!
      • he follows me about / around wherever I go me sigue a todas partes
      • the King entered, followed by the Queen el rey entró, seguido por / de la reina
      • she followed him into/out of the library entró en/salió de la biblioteca tras él
      • she followed her sister into the business siguiéndole los pasos a su hermana, se metió en el negocio
      • The noise I do not leave behind; the clanging follows me.
      • Carly follows shortly behind and Adam follows her, making sure she doesn't run into anything.
      • I groaned, but followed him and looked behind me to find everyone else coming too.
      • He chuckled behind me and followed me to the dinning room without saying a word.
      • My heart leapt into my throat as I crossed my fingers behind my back and followed her to the door.
      • Gunfire from the other group of guarda, now behind him, followed him as he ran.
      • After that she would follow him from behind whenever she saw him, and one day she hoped that he would love her back.
      • And as he had surmised, twenty more soldiers soon followed in their wake.
      • Tavisome and Reneeth follow quickly on our heels.
      • Given a moment to collect my self, I quickly followed his path out of the bar.
      • Cathal followed close behind so as not to be left behind on another adventure.
      • "I can tell, " Rose replied as she followed close behind him.
      • I got up and walked up to the wall, Osake followed close behind.
      • If I get up, the dog will wake up and follow me outside.
      • She grabbed the dress and stuck it in her bag before following him outside.
      • Daniel enters, followed in quick succession by Simon, Karen, and Hector.
      • Darius and Kara just smiled and shook their heads and followed at slower pace.
      • Dima was moving hastily up the street as he followed at a slower pace.
      • She followed at the previous pace, and I was forced to slow my steps.
      • One of the other young men who were following called out to his leader, the one holding Kitty.
      • Housing issues, service delivery and education as government priorities follow at a distance.
      • Now I let it off the chain and it follows me everywhere, obediently heeling.

    • 1.2(shadow, pursue)

      (suspect/prey) seguir
      I think we're being followed me parece que nos siguen
      • He was followed some distance and observed by one officer to weave between the lines of the payment.
      • And I expect you to take appropriate precautions that we are not followed or observed.
      • It was the first time Scots had seen a man in shorts and I was followed everywhere by an angry mob with pitch forks and burning torches.
      • When you see this poor guy being followed everywhere he goes by hordes of people, it's actually terribly sad.
      • Back then, in 1984, it was about the secret policeman who followed him everywhere.
      • He followed us everywhere with the camera and we reached a point where we really didn't care that he was there.
      • Chad had gone to the library in hopes of escaping the gaggle of girls who seemed to follow him around everywhere.
      • This guy not only follows us everywhere, he had to invade my thoughts too!
      • Inside the palace a squad of four heavily armed troopers followed me everywhere.
      • When Vigrass climbed into the driving seat he followed her and watched her mount a kerb.
      • All of the children were followed for two years, with their symptoms monitored by the researchers.
      • The man was followed to a children's playground where his behaviour was observed.
      • Ray was aware that someone had been following him, watching him.
      • She secretly follows Walter, watching him gather his hockey equipment from his car.
      • Suspicious, he waited until they had passed and then followed at a distance.
      • We follow at a respectful distance so as not to tire the bear unduly.
      • She notices a car behind her and it follows her for quite some time.
      • Glancing at the rear mirror, she noticed that the car behind her was still following her.
      • We waited until he rounded a corner before we climbed out from behind the can and followed him.
      • He moved out from beside the locker he had stood behind and followed her.

    • 1.3(succeed, happen after)

      July follows June después de junio viene julio
      • Edward VII followed Queen Victoria on the throne Eduardo VII sucedió a la Reina Victoria en el trono
      • the lecture was followed by a discussion después de la conferencia hubo un debate

    • 1.4(repeat, improve on)

      (success/achievement) igualar
      now follow that! ¡trata de estar a la altura de eso!
      • It follows from Spinoza's theory that God is not distinct from the world but identical with it.
      • How, exactly, does the terminology usually regarded by logicians as logical work in making it the case that one sentence follows from others?
      • It follows from Kant's view that we know a priori that non-Euclidean geometry cannot be applied in physics.
      • It follows from this that one's self, atman, is also Brahman: hence the famous expression atman is Brahman.
      • It follows from Galileo's theory that there should be just one high tide each day at a given location, and that it should occur around noon.
      • I don't think it follows from this that we ought to police thought in the strict sense of using the legitimate violence of the state.
      • They tell us what follows from what, not what to believe on the basis of what.
      • It follows from this that two functions with identical derivatives differ by at most a constant.
      • This follows from the fact that logically equivalent statements always are assigned the same probability.
      • Note that each line in a proof is either an axiom, or follows from previous lines by one of the simple rules.
      • The conspiracy theory that logically follows from Darren's findings is so delicious that I find myself longing for it to be true.
      • Now, what is the legal consequence that follows from that set of circumstances?
      • Hence it follows from the idea of God, as an all-perfect being, that God exists.
      • What consequence do you say follows from that fact for this litigation?
      • What is the consequence you say follows from that for fairness of trial of the principal issues joined in the action?
      • It follows from this conception of pleasure that every instance of pleasure must be good to some extent.
      • What, if any, consequence follows from this failure to work it out, as you put it?
      • It follows that the account in terms of status functions is not a rival of the account in terms of deontic power.
      • It follows that every event may be described on two levels and according to two causes.
      • What with all the government awareness campaigns, it follows that they do so knowingly and willingly.
      • It follows that foreign trade would be cut back to a fraction of what it is at present.
      • And the second book follows Bourdain as he criss-crosses the world sampling local delicacies from the sublime to the bizarre.
      • This book basically follows a Chicken as he wanders through the farm.
      • The programme follows American-born Des as he visits some of the worst trouble-spots in Ireland.
      • As may be expected, the book follows the church's historical development.
      • The programme follows Gordon as he tries to help bereaved parents Greta and Andrew Rhodes seek solace following the death of their son.
      • This book follows the whole ‘Modern Pagan working magik in the big city’ deal.
      • The programme follows Bernard O'Malley's journey as he attempts to uncover any clues the police may have missed.
      • In contrast, the programme follows Colin, the groundsman, in his quest to keep the Meadow End from sinking.
      • The film follows Ramu, who enjoys teaching Indian dance in New Delhi but has far greater ambitions to become a superstar.
      • The film follows an ubergeek in his ungodly pursuit of Alison, the girl of his dreams.
      • The film follows the Jalsindhi villagers through hunger strikes, rallies, police brutality and a six year Supreme Court battle.
      • Set in the late 18th century, the film follows our very fictionalized brothers, played by Matt Damon and Heath Ledger.
      • Set in 1953 at Wellesley College, the film follows Stiles and her classmates on the brink of the feminist revolution.
      • The story follows closely the real events which happened in the '70s while changing only a few details.
      • Found only in Luke, the story follows two critical events.
      • Fly Me To The Moon follows the flight path of a group of terrified travellers striving to conquer their fear of flying.

  • 2

    • 2.1(keep to)

      (road/path) seguir (por)
      (trail/footprints) seguir
      the footpath follows the river el camino sigue el curso del río
      • All buses will have to follow diversion routes along Bow Lane, Ringway and Corporation Street on Saturday afternoons.
      • Cross the stile in the wall and follow the path running along the north side of Upper Ogden reservoir.
      • Turn left at the top of the hill and follow the path along the ridge to Darwen Tower.
      • Students who took part in the fun run followed a circular route along Frome Road, Silver Street Lane and Bradley Road.
      • Turn left along the riverbank and follow the path to reach the road bridge.
      • Motorists entering from the south have been advised to follow a route along Devizes Road and down Victoria Road.
      • It's good to follow winding paths along the way to the mountain.
      • Otherwise the route skirts the bottom of the Beacon, and then follows a path to St Agnes village.
      • Go through this and almost immediately cross the wall stile on the left to follow a path down to meet a crossroads of routes at a track.
      • Flight paths are impossible to mine, and aircraft follow less predictable routes.
      • I followed the path as if by instinct and along the trail to my former summer residence.
      • But I play along, as we follow a bike path past a tank farm, then along the marshy shore of the bay.
      • Ignore the first gate but go through the second and follow a permissive path which leads straight along the river bank.
      • He walked four blocks to the big park, then followed a winding path into the bush.
      • Their route plan is to follow the Yukon River to Circle and along the Yukon Flats to Tanana and back to Ruby.
      • The Toe to Tow Marathon is a fall classic that follows the path where mules once pulled barges along the Erie Canal.
      • It will follow the Pennine Cycleway along the canal from Nelson to Greenberfield locks, Barnoldswick, and back.
      • They had turned off the main road, away from the noisy traffic, and were following the winding path that was the street on which they lived.
      • With the plot laid out in the first twenty minutes, the rest of the film follows two distinct paths.
      • My correction on the map follows approximately the current usage route.
      • At present, the only way people can follow the trail routes is by printing the maps from the Swindon Heritage Town Trails website.

    • 2.2(obey)

      (instructions/advice) seguir
      (order) cumplir
      follow your conscience/heart haz lo que te diga la conciencia/el corazón
      • The instruction was followed immediately as they stepped out in unison before moving one step to the right.
      • Edgar immediately followed instruction and we walked passed him.
      • I was in a hurry to do this and just blindly followed the instructions.
      • The same procedure was strictly followed at the end of the pulmonary rehabilitation program for patients with COPD.
      • We like to think of people exercising their personal judgment, and not just blindly following the rules.
      • However, he regretted that people had not followed the words of Bharathi.
      • Ancient people followed the words of such sages and seldom cut their hair throughout their whole lives.
      • What good are the things that I profess, the exercise and nutrition, if people don't follow it.
      • Speaking exclusively to the Yorkshire Post, he said the electorate should look at whether politicians follow their own rules.
      • He also advised that people follow the traditional rules set in place.
      • Smith said teachers follow standard rules, such as avoiding being left alone with pupils without witnesses.
      • But dietary advice is often neglected by doctors because so many people do not follow it.
      • In fact it's not even that important to me that people follow the instructions.
      • How rigidly people follow the rules may depend upon how strictly the rules are enforced.
      • If something is done literally, a person follows instructions ‘to the letter’, without flexibility or imagination.
      • People might not follow your recommendations the first time, but they will listen the second time.
      • As employees and as consumers, most people follow orders with little voice or influence.
      • Why didn't people follow orders like they were supposed to?
      • If people do not follow the rules of this court the only way actually to make them remember them for the future is to apply them.
      • It's absolutely essential that you understand and follow everything that I tell you to do.
      • We seek to follow Jesus, acknowledging that we are all learners and flawed.
      • I reasoned with myself that we had tried to follow God, we had observed the Talmud.
      • Now the party of the circumcision would refer to Christians or people who follow Jesus who practice circumcision.

    • 2.3(conform to, imitate)

      (fashion) seguir
      follow her example sigue su ejemplo
      • the translation follows the original very closely la traducción es muy fiel al original
      • Tiger Woods follows Phil Mickelson's example by making a birdie at the 13th, to restore a three-shot lead.
      • Ainslie followed Shirley Robertson's lead in claiming Britain's second sailing gold of the Games.
      • The Haftorah teaches that Torah will enlighten those who follow King Chiram's example.
      • It is much easier to follow someone else's lead than to come up with the route yourself and lead the group.
      • Segregation by sex is common, and children tend to follow their parents example and occupations.
      • What happens when a veteran mountain guide has to follow someone else's lead for a day of heli-skiing?
      • She hoped other businesses would follow the Eric Wright Group's lead, stressing it was vital the momentum did not slow down.
      • We know from grim experience that footballers slavishly follow the lead of their manager.
      • I spent my childhood blindly following his lead, striving to become the man he was.
      • They immediately mounted their horses, then followed his lead deeper into the woods.
      • One name to watch out for is Nigel Clough who could yet follow his dad to glory.
      • The people have followed the doings of some of their principal servants in front of the Hutton inquiry.
      • Now she hopes other business people will follow her lead and contribute.
      • I wish other people would follow my example especially in the area I live in as it is quite a disgrace.
      • Giving money to charities and building bridges does not mean that people should follow your lead.
      • I think we shall see more people follow my lead and learn how to successfully use black on its own to create stunning dark borders.
      • I hope other people will follow our lead and contact Get Connected!
      • Shadow Skill slavishly follows the rules of the fighting anime genre as if it expects a test later.
      • He said the pilot's decision on silence followed standard procedure and that the government supported it.
      • Moreover, the starting and ending points of these cycles follow a pattern related to seasons on Earth.
      • Agency, state, and university human subject protocols were followed to ensure subject confidentiality.
      • They are little social commentaries and that is following in the great Scottish tradition.
      • Robert Harvey follows in this tradition by emphasising the English dimension in the contest.
      • When making decisions, state officials refuse to take reality into account and follow the same old models.
      • The results are a stunning mix of surprisingly wearable garments that develop, rather than slavishly follow, current trends.
      • The closer a particular product follows the ANSI standard protocols, the easier it will be to use that product in a particular application.
      • Teachers follow a traditional way of teaching and work with a rigid framework.
      • Most people follow a subsistence way of life, growing food mainly for their own needs with little left over.
      • In India, many people follow a tradition; if their family tradition is that they are going to talk about death, they do so.
      • They worked to make the films follow the books closely and did a fantastic job of this.
      • In that respect, the film follows Wells' book faithfully.
      • Whitt's book follows a predictably chronological organization, mirroring the author's evolution as a creative artist.
      • This book follows the conventional Thames & Hudson formula of introductory text plus detailed case studies.
      • All twenty five of the books will follow a fairly rigid design sense, so most of the work was done in the initial stages.
      • In terms of chronology, the film follows the conventional rise-and-fall structure of the traditional biopic.
      • As far as the modern names are concerned, the book follows the IMA guidelines, although the author does prefer to capitalize mineral names.
      • No other religious book on the earth follows this Divine Pattern and style that is so distinct.

    • 2.4(engage in)

      (trade) trabajar en

  • 3

    • 3.1(pay close attention to)

      (movement/progress) seguir de cerca
      the deaf man followed my lips el sordo seguía atentamente el movimiento de mis labios
      • to follow sth/sb with one's eyes seguir algo/a algn con la mirada
      • Smooth pursuit eye movements are used to follow a moving target that one is looking at directly.
      • You almost expect the eye of a painting to follow your every movement.
      • Her eyes followed his every movement as he crossed over her legs, crawling over to his side of the bed.
      • The bird had a long beak that was composed of many colors, and its glossy black eyes seemed to follow my every movement.
      • They stepped from his path without a word and their eyes followed his every movement.
      • Sonia nods, and Walt's gaze follows hers to the labyrinth in the floor.
      • Her gaze followed everyone in the same way, but Olumer didn't think he should have let it get to him so much.
      • She heard his intake of breath as his gaze followed hers to the forest edge.
      • Raylaa's gaze followed his and she gasped, pushing herself off the bed towards it.
      • Her gaze had followed his to the unknown beauty, and her eyes narrowed dangerously.
      • Kratos' gaze followed the two clubbers as they left the street, his mind sent awhirl by what Fezz had said.
      • Takmet's gaze followed her only a few feet and he closed his eyes again and faced the floor.
      • His eyes followed her from behind his drink as she moved surely about the room.
      • Her eyes followed Bizzy as he closed Gaz's front door and walked across the gravel drive to the car.
      • Stefan Klos was attentive in following the ball's late diversion, before palming it round the post.
      • He didn't even seem to try, but everywhere he went girls followed him with their eyes.
      • They are like the eyes you find in older paintings that seemed to follow you around everywhere you go
      • Khushi's eyes followed the boy and watched him approach an elderly couple.
      • Aimée smiled sadly as she watched him follow the sweet girl with his eyes.
      • If I had been in Bradford I would have followed this closely through your columns.
      • I think the Vatican is going to be following closely what this document says.

    • 3.2(take interest in)

      (events/news) mantenerse al tanto de
      (TV serial) seguir
      he follows the horses es aficionado a la hípica
      • which team do you follow? ¿de qué equipo eres (hincha)?
      • The players are aware that people have followed them all season and they wanted to do it for them as well.
      • They followed trends like some people follow sports teams - with this undying devotion.
      • Some people follow the cyberpunk genre quite closely, and for them this novel is a must-read.
      • Most sports that people follow pit either individuals or teams against each other, all season long.
      • In his leisure time he follows West Ham United and plays golf off a handicap of 12

    • 3.3(on social media)

      (person/group/organization) ser un seguidor de
      (person/group/organization) seguir a

  • 4

    (argument/reasoning/speech) entender
    do you follow me? ¿(me) entiendes?
    • It is necessary to set out parts of this schedule if the argument is to be followed.
    • Dialect is explained so people can follow the speaker's meaning.
    • I said I'd prefer to go home and then there was some discussion I couldn't follow much of through my fog but nodded away.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (come after)
    you go first, and I'll follow tú ve delante que yo te sigo
    • a news bulletin follows in five minutes dentro de cinco minutos habrá un boletín de noticias
    • we'll start with the soup, and have chicken to follow para empezar tomaremos sopa y después pollo
    • I'm still hungry; is there anything to follow? me he quedado con hambre ¿hay algo más?
    • what follows is a summary of … a continuación hay (or se oirá etc.) un resumen de …
    • the winners were as follows … los ganadores fueron …
    • the letter read as follows … la carta dice así …
  • 2

    (be logical consequence)
    that doesn't follow from our premise no se puede deducir eso de nuestra premisa
    • that doesn't necessarily follow una cosa no implica la otra
    • it follows, therefore, that … de lo que se deduce / se sigue que …
    • it doesn't follow that he's stupid, just because he didn't pass que no haya aprobado no quiere decir que sea tonto
  • 3

    he spoke slowly so that we could follow habló lentamente para que entendiéramos / para que lo pudiéramos seguir