Translation of follower in Spanish:


seguidor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɑloʊər/ /ˈfɒləʊə/


  • 1

    seguidor masculine
    seguidora feminine
    Jung and his followers Jung y sus discípulos / seguidores
    • my son is an avid football follower mi hijo es un apasionado del fútbol
    • More than three-quarters of Muslims living in Britain say that they are devout followers of Islam.
    • A devout follower of Christ, Cora cannot understand or accept Addie's lack of religious observance.
    • "I had many wonderful nights here in this venue, " she told her loyal followers.
    • He became a loyal follower of Gandhi, whose defiant campaigns of non-cooperation he supported.
    • Later that day, however, she gave him the money and became a devoted follower.
    • The initial reaction from governing elites and their media camp followers was disbelief.
    • The true followers of Islam are our brothers and sisters in this struggle.
    • True followers of Christ need have no fear of God's wrath.
    • In the birthplace of Christianity, indigenous followers of Christ have become a rare commodity.
    • In order to be inconspicuous, many followers of such religions meet in private.
    • Most of Wednesday's victims were followers of the young cleric and his message was unequivocal.
    • He says he has urged his followers to oppose segregation currently reigning in the city.
    • Malaysian police have arrested 21 suspected followers of a religious sect called the Sky Kingdom.
    • Yet the Chinese Embassy in Canberra adamantly denies any harassment of followers of the sect in Australia.
    • And it is not discrimination at any level against the followers of other faiths.
    • In theory it would seem like a good choice, and with enough dedicated followers the plan seems feasible.
    • The Buddha was originally a wandering teacher who attracted followers through his personal charisma.
    • The status of ritual among Western followers of Tibetan Buddhism is, however, more in question.
    • Some of the rules should be of interest only to followers of the Hebrew religion.
    • Leaders who do not look after the interests of their followers are not only unethical but ineffective.
  • 2archaic

    (courtier, servant)
    vasallo masculine
    vasalla feminine