Translation of fondle in Spanish:


acariciar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈfɑndl/ /ˈfɒnd(ə)l/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • He chuckled and fondled his sword handle lovingly.
    • He looked at them and fondled their strings lovingly.
    • She fondled his hair lovingly and made her way to Jessica's room.
    • In the affidavit, Imre describes she and the boy kissing and fondling one another.
    • She was with a man who seemed as oblivious to public decency as she was, kissing and fondling her as they walked.
    • He fondled her soft ears and, for just a moment, laid his cheek against her neck.
    • This can include cuddling, fondling, stroking, massaging and kissing.
    • I looked up to see one of the boys, he was fondling me, touching me and I tried to scream.
    • Calling her over, Justine stroked her sleek face and fondled her mane.
    • He stops in front of the row of Silliscups rip-offs and begins fondling each one, seemingly to judge the sturdiness of the plastic.
    • I also saw one elderly couple fondling the power tools and speaking in a language consisting solely of consonants and facial expressions.
    • After she told him she pierced her belly, Dueck began fondling her.
    • Despite this, I can often be found salivating over a Viking catalogue or fondling the gorgeous specimens on sale in Paperchase.
    • He sits there on the sofa, slowly turning the pages, fondling each and every one.
    • Soviet-style posters of happy storm troopers and peasant girls fondling potent sheaves fade and curl in the hot wind.
    • In the print version, Anoushka is sitting beside her famous father, fondling the goat.
    • Throughout, he narrows his eyes behind bushy eyebrows and slips coins from hand to hand, as if fondling a rosary.
    • He may need counselling after they kept fondling him throughout the fourth quarter.
    • Eriksson was quick to signal his intentions by fondling her at the table, she said.