Translation of foodie in Spanish:


gourmet, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfudi/ /ˈfuːdi/

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  • 1

    gourmet masculine, feminine
    sibarita masculine, feminine
    • The activists want all cruelty to animals stopped; the foodies want the best food money can buy.
    • In part, it's an upmarket deli with the sort of food labels that make foodies purr with contentment.
    • As regular readers may know, I'm quite a foodie - I love food and drink, enjoy cooking, love buying food and eating good meals.
    • Hurst House is a private social club for foodies and uses food bought and prepared fresh each day.
    • Both are avid foodies, and would like a choice of places to eat out at night.
    • For example, farmers should be foodies, eager to sell a ‘food experience’ to their customers, he said.
    • Gourmet joints would rather treat foodies to a fresh flush of exotic scents, swivelling sounds, wavy hues and crispy accents.
    • As for the foodies, he says that the food festival is the best bet since the cuisine includes dishes from north and south Italy.
    • Few caused as much excitement and interest as Brian Maule's Chardon D' or among Scottish foodies.
    • Not only that, the gourmet cuisine he serves attracts smoking foodies who will adhere to his rules.
    • The Mad Aunt and I were accompanied by her son and his partner, all of whom are foodies, veggies or both.
    • A group of highly talented food writers, chefs, restaurateurs, authors, and foodies contribute.
    • This attitude makes me worse than a foodie snob - I'm a foodie writing snob.
    • Some foodies readily dismiss the taco as either mundane or common or even both.
    • Share tasty adventures with other foodies who are passionate about great food and wine!
    • Spotting other foodies and restaurateurs eating there too is a good start.
    • And if we're now a nation of foodies how come we spend more than ever on fast food?
    • Italian foodies can check out the Chicken Lasagne.
    • At the moment it is keen foodies signing up, but there is scope for corporate events too.
    • The brick oven was roaring at Enrico's, the neighborhood ristorante in Shadyside that's a haunt for foodies seeking rustic retro classics.