Translation of fool's gold in Spanish:

fool's gold

pirita de hierro, n.


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    pirita de hierro feminine
    • But beware lest you mistake fool's gold for the real thing.
    • The latter mineral, a sulphide of iron, has a shiny metallic lustre and was often mistaken for gold itself: it is the infamous fool's gold.
    • But remember, as Rumi said: There is fool's gold because there is real gold.
    • Lately, though, that gold has come to feel like fool's gold, at least in its attempt to compensate us for the sorrows it expresses.
    • And other financiers - especially those who didn't catch dotcom fever in the first place - are wary over the prospects of panning for fool's gold.
    • But both indicators, on closer inspection, are fool's gold.
    • The song makes fool's gold of genre-labeling; even a three-piece jug-band could make a melody like this sound stunning.
    • I hear all the time from readers who think they've struck gold with a cheap PC only to realize later that they're stuck with fool's gold.
    • They also know that explicit efforts to shut out imports are usually political fool's gold, more likely to bring defeat than victory at the polls.
    • Absent these advantages, like fool's gold, the book lacks the luster of authentic, polished scholarship.
    • But the military establishment that Powell once led is of course stuffed to bursting with this fool's gold.
    • Here is a kind of fool's gold which has made the creator rich.
    • But they are not so much convenient cash as fool's gold.
    • This week's inviting opportunities could be genuinely gilt-edged - or fool's gold.
    • Those companies currently at the forefront may be offering the marketing equivalent of fool's gold.
    • Miller's silver bullet quickly turned into fool's gold, and bit by bit she backed away from the story.
    • When he and his family are forced to live across the border for a short time, Francisco steals a chunk of fool's gold.
    • To team him up with Madden in an effort to create a so-called dream broadcasting booth is fool's gold.
    • The cover story is on making money from weblogs - and whether it's genuinely possible or just fool's gold.
    • We used the money to barter, badly, for cheap Persian rugs, stale aftershaves and fool's gold.