Translation of footmark in Spanish:


pisada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfʊtmɑrk/ /ˈfʊtmɑːk/


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    pisada feminine
    • It was the Crown's case that those prints matched old footmarks found in Mrs Slater's kitchen on a worktop and under a cooker which had been left by the person who decorated her kitchen weeks earlier.
    • The curious creatures wander into the tunnel and leave their footmarks imprinted in the clay, alerting staff to their presence.
    • Following the snowy trail, we chatted, looked at footmarks, and watched some beautiful deer.
    • He skilfully worked the fringes of the rough created by the bowlers' footmarks and although never a prodigious turner of the ball, he does generate some spin.
    • We all want to keep muddy footmarks out of the house - so why is it so hard to ask visitors to take off their shoes?
    • The door opens out on to the roof and you can see where the thief has left footmarks in the snow.
    • His giant footmark has left its indentation on the rock by the side where the stream flows.
    • As to the only positive evidence in the case - the muddy footmarks upon the floor - they were so blurred by the softness of the carpet that it was impossible to make any trustworthy deduction from them.
    • There were several footmarks in the soil, so Byron guessed a large number of people had been here recently.
    • You see where the footmarks are, there, and that was my little sister, those two smallest lots of footmarks were there.
    • As the Founder made his way up the freshly swept pathway, his footmarks were the only ones to be seen.
    • I watched her leave trying to make sure she left no footmarks or disturb the dirt in any way.
    • I kicked him in the foot, then he stepped on my shoe, leaving a big grey footmark on the fabric.
    • The Hindus believe that the footmark is that of Lord Shiva, the third godhead of the Hindu Holy Triad.
    • This is the first time the footmarks of these two kinds of dinosaurs have been found in the same spot.
    • Up to now, the footmarks of our service engineers were running through all the shipyards in China.
    • Old footmarks and droppings were recorded in all the salines covered but no sighting or trumpeting heard.
    • So we ended up running on the grass on the inside of the track, leaving our footmarks from point A to point B.
    • There is the belief that the actual footmark lies on a blue sapphire beneath the huge boulder upon the summit, and what we see is only an enlarged symbolic presentation.