Translation of footwear in Spanish:


calzado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfʊtwɛr/ /ˈfʊtwɛː/


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    calzado masculine
    • They are the timeless sneakers: relaxed footwear that is effortlessly stylish.
    • Some years ago, in many countries, children's feet and footwear were x-rayed regularly.
    • Faced with a wide range in footwear, the shoe we pick touches us in some way.
    • An Afghan boy came to look curiously at my sports shoes, footwear Afghan women never wear.
    • It came along about the same time as this whole retro, cleaner footwear emerged.
    • As far as developing your own brand of footwear, it's also a much heavier investment.
    • Women like me who arrived in kitten heels need sensible footwear and no one wants to smell bad.
    • Any footwear which is kept in place by two toes should be condemned.
    • Proper footwear and a good pair of sandals with exposed toes, but no heel strap, is recommended.
    • Einstein himself would have been sent home to change, sandals without socks being his default footwear.
    • Sneakers are a good choice of footwear and walk with lots of drinking water!
    • He was only a little bit taller now, around six feet if one didn't count his footwear.
    • He found one man without any boots and asked him what had happened to his footwear.
    • I am very particular about my footwear, and actually feel embarrassed by these shoes.
    • When you start getting soggy feet, you know it's time to bin your footwear and get another pair.
    • As an Italian, she held strong opinions on stylish footwear, and pulled a face at my shoes.
    • It was a waste of a good pair of shoes and nothing gets under my skin more than ill-used footwear.
    • The club advises that suitable clothing and footwear should be worn and rain proofs brought along.
    • For instance, in the United States demand peaks for footwear are in the first and third quarters.
    • It will weatherproof footwear, safeguard wounds, and soothe chapped lips.