Translation of forcibly in Spanish:


por la fuerza, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈfɔrsəbli/ /ˈfɔːsɪbli/


  • 1

    (by force)
    (enter/detain) por la fuerza
    • In fact over the past ten days about 290,000 people have been forcibly expelled from Kosovo.
    • Executions frequently follow a mock trial held in front of forcibly assembled villagers.
    • The new conversation must be about how to achieve stability, not how we can forcibly pacify the place.
    • Our offices, our shops, our industries, our businesses, our trades are all forcibly closed.
    • The action was opposed by Morocco, which forcibly removed the boundary stones laid by the Spaniards.
    • Smaller fish will be forcibly removed from their domain by bullying tactics.
    • They were then forcibly returned to Iran, where they immediately disappeared.
    • The ship that was heading for the most logical port of call in Indonesia was forcibly routed to Australia.
    • These kids at the orphanage are from troubled homes, often forcibly removed by the state.
    • Officers found evidence that the family was forcibly kept in the house, including a padlock on a bedroom door, he said.
    • Katie left, taking Sam forcibly with her.
    • Rose has just given birth out of wedlock and has her son forcibly taken for adoption.
    • The accused, after bringing the minor girls to Delhi, used to forcibly employ them as maid servants.
    • Beefy security forces moved in and forcibly dragged more than a dozen protesters out.
    • Since they had been forcibly kept out, the people could not see what had been going on in the area.
    • There were demands for asylum seekers to be forcibly tested for HIV and hepatitis.
    • Women were forcibly unveiled.
    • The kingdom was forcibly annexed by Prussia in 1866.
    • I haven't forcibly led anyone into a store, I never made them buy anything.
    • Haitian human rights organizations have repeatedly requested that Constant be forcibly returned to Haiti.
  • 2

    (argue/reason) convincentemente
    • However, they have persisted in forcibly bringing their message to all sorts of international financial meetings abroad.
    • There are times I have to forcibly restrain myself from correcting other people's emails.
    • Overall is that air of delicious abandon - Bohemianism - that strikes forcibly the elemental in your nature.
    • What struck me so forcibly about the World Horror Convention was the sheer friendliness of the crowd.
    • Christmas 2002 is now a fading memory, but it was then that the virtual church was brought forcibly to my attention.
    • And though I had read it many times before, I realised then that it is written as history - that came to me very forcibly.
    • The records may forcibly bring to the attention of the staff and the patient the fact that patient behavior is lawful, and not erratic.
    • The same should be said, even more forcibly, of Michael Vaughan for England's captain contributed a measly seven runs.
    • A tall bearded man soon entered reception and forcibly grinned at me.
    • In Australia, the opera companies of Sydney and Melbourne were forcibly merged.
    • All this is immediately evident in O'Sullivan's account and the reader is almost forcibly reminded of Homer.