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forense, adj.

Pronunciación /fəˈrɛnzɪk/ /fəˈrɛnsɪk/

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    (expert) forense
    the forensic report el informe del (médico) forense
    • The club remained cordoned off for most of Saturday while a forensic crime scene investigation was carried out.
    • The government has also vetoed further investigation into other forensic techniques.
    • The latest scientific and forensic techniques are being applied to evidence in the case as part of a review.
    • There are various techniques available to the forensic investigator in this context.
    • Next week is Science Week, and we poke our legal noses into some forensic evidence.
    • Police cordoned off the area overnight and as dawn broke, forensic investigations began at the crime scene.
    • At the request of the defence, she asked the police to obtain a forensic test of some evidence.
    • The bank was closed until Monday as police completed their forensic investigation.
    • Scientists later recovered forensic evidence linking Scott to the balaclava.
    • Like all crime, police prefer to gather forensic evidence as soon as possible after an incident.
    • Specialist police forensic investigators spent yesterday searching the flat for evidence.
    • Make sure to watch next week when we take an inside look at big city forensic crime solving.
    • Meanwhile forensic experts from the investigation team sealed off an address in the Cookridge area of the city.
    • Underground specialists helped the forensic teams in their investigation.
    • The photograph was taken with a forensic technique using crossed polarised light of varying degrees.
    • Death investigation and forensic pathology are also not immune to misinterpretation.
    • It was this third option that was most easy to test for, using modern forensic techniques.
    • Looking at evidence before the court by a policeman and his evidence in the forensic report.
    • Section 2 considers the role of forensic psychology in investigation and prosecution.
    • Officers from the Essex Police scientific forensic unit carried out an in-depth search of the area.