Traducción de foresee en Español:


prever, v.

Pronunciación /fɔrˈsi/ /fɔːˈsiː/

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verbo transitivo foresaw, foreseen

  • 1

    • He himself confidently predicted it, foreseeing a time when his books would be the subject of serious study and when he would be applauded for the novelty and depth of the insights they contained.
    • Even so, they should have foreseen that responsibility before they were ready to conceive the child.
    • That result was neither forecast nor foreseen by any of the pundits of that time.
    • The old French prophet has foreseen England beating Italy in the world cup final!
    • And, all modesty aside, I'm good at foreseeing problems before they occur.
    • Of course, by the early 1990s, you didn't need to be a prophet to foresee the fate of the Left.
    • All this makes it impossible to foresee the likely development of Europe.
    • To me the word prophecy means something foretold, that could not have been foreseen by natural means.
    • He says that, ‘conceptually,’ he foresees no difficulty dealing with the impairment test.
    • However, he foresees difficulties tomorrow night.
    • Contemporaries, of course, could not be expected to foresee the relative stability which lay ahead.
    • Then one day, a hero rose to challenge the manager in an epic that the prophets foresaw thousands of years ago.
    • He foresaw an array of dangers and difficulties, including terrorist threats and serious economic problems.
    • He foresaw an upsurge in violent incidents years ago, predicting their arrival at the end of this century.
    • Men expected to die before their wives, just as women foresaw a life after their husband's death in old age.
    • The Bill foresees the appointment of a director of children's services who will be accountable for local authority education and children's social care needs.
    • He also foresees an extra £14.1 million being lured into the city each year through increased conference trade and tourism spend outside.
    • He also foresees a drop in monthly subscription, as the channels will start quoting more ‘realistic’ rates.
    • He actually foresees a lengthy period in which the United States and China are likely to have rather cooperative relations.
    • There is an interesting summary of the current big corruption scandal in Canadian politics here which foresees a new Canadian election soon.