Traducción de forgiveness en español:


perdón, n.

Pronunciación /ˌfərˈɡɪvnəs/ /fəˈɡɪvnɪs/

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    perdón masculino
    to ask/beg sb's forgiveness for sth pedirle/implorarle perdón a algn por algo
    • We need to create a culture of tolerance and forgiveness and join hands together as one nation.
    • Funny how we really learn to forgive when we need forgiveness ourselves.
    • It's the teacher who teaches you how to live a life of tolerance, forgiveness and so on.
    • On balance, I think I would have to come down on the side of mercy and forgiveness.
    • I begged him for forgiveness of all my sins, and through Jesus I was pardoned.
    • Therefore, we must turn around, change direction, and come to God for mercy and forgiveness.
    • I said all my prayers and asked for God's forgiveness for my sins and lunged forward.
    • Christianity is a liberating religion, and forgiveness of sins is a liberating experience.
    • People commit wrong actions, for which they require forgiveness or acquittal.
    • This is as it should be in a season of forgiveness, of rediscovering tolerance and joy.
    • I tried to explain that I was making art, but there was absolutely no forgiveness.
    • In what ways is your perspective about sin and forgiveness being challenged?
    • Instead of just asking me for forgiveness, stop committing sins and do good.
    • We need to cast ourselves upon God's mercy and seek forgiveness through Jesus Christ.
    • I now repent of all that is past and ask for your forgiveness for all my sins.
    • When we sin we are to confess that sin, obtaining both forgiveness and cleansing.
    • Redemption and forgiveness of sins is through the direct agency of his shed blood.
    • Each moment is hell and my only salvation stems from the mercy of your forgiveness!
    • Yet the atoning death of Jesus is the only basis on which man can claim forgiveness of sins.
    • It is a sign of grace, both a confession of sin and a penance by which forgiveness may be obtained.