Translation of format in Spanish:


formato, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɔrˌmæt/ /ˈfɔːmat/

Definition of formato in Spanish


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    Computing Printing
    formato masculine
    the book was published in paperback format el libro se publicó en rústica
    • This reader friendliness is present in the format: rather than use A4 paper it is the size of a paperback.
    • The book format is planned carefully for efficiency of page turns and includes composer biographies and a short history of the piano duet.
    • Graham presents a double-criticism of the book format as it relates to emblem studies: it cannot be indexed by the individual reader, and it is extremely cumbersome and slow.
    • The format and presentation of this book makes it ideal for use as a basic introduction to Baptist history.
    • This is a compliment to the broad range of topics within this book, their readability, and the accessible format through which Case presents them.
    • The format of the book was a courageous, though calculated risk, but it nonetheless looks very encouraging at the moment.
    • The real pleasure of the book lies in its format.
    • I'm changing both the title and the format of the book, which is really of small consequence to you.
    • Please keep the Evening Press in its present format from Monday to Friday - we do not like the Saturday edition the size it is.
    • I quickly looked through it, but of note is the stand-up format of the book, or as they call it: Hands Free.
    • His crusading attitude towards children's food may partly explain the format of his new book, Jamie's Dinners.
    • The format of this book is alive with visuals and packed with persuasive language.
    • In the introduction, you have mentioned that you had first thought of the book in a different format.
    • The layout of the page is determined not by the artist but by the format of the exemplar book.
    • The format of the book is inviting and the reproductions of the artist's works are quality.
    • The format of the book is a visual mess and difficult to navigate, just like the Chowhound website itself.
    • I've accidentally underscored every argument a book retailer has ever made, in every forum where I've read them, against odd sizes and formats.
    • Or is the idea of a ‘classic’ dying, because of the vast quantity of books published each year, and the merging of book and magazine formats?
    • The paper will come in a compact format and be full colour.
    • The compact format will be similar to that which has proved so successful for the Independent in Britain.
    • These recommendations would cover such things as storage, file formats, metadata, and cataloging.
    • Choose between bitmap or JPEG file formats when saving screenshots to the hard drive.
    • Despite these difficulties, several new XML formats are gaining adoption.
    • AMC provides a guidebook, in downloadable PDF format, to accompany the Toolkit.
    • The downloadable PDF format makes it easy to get the latest player news and expert advice.
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    (style, arrangement)
    formato masculine
    presentación feminine
    a format for the debate has not yet been decided aún no se ha decidido qué forma va a tener / cómo se va a estructurar el debate
    • These thinkers can be arranged in a sequential format to help describe economic decision-making.
    • These one-hour biographies are not made in the conventional format.
    • What happens if a PhD Thesis cannot be articulated in a conventional format?
    • The podium is arranged in a familiar format with the interviewer's chair on the right and the sofas for the panel to the left.
    • Because of the latter, he was able to recognize that a raw milk creamery can't grow from a conventional format, that it needs instead to be part of a larger web as complex as itself.
    • For the first time, hospitals were able to order products using a standard electronic format.
    • The species accounts come after the treatment of each family and follow a standard format.
    • The course is presented in a scripted modular format on 26 topics.
    • The report should follow a standardized format to ensure key information is captured.
    • Interviews lasted 30-60 minutes and followed a structured format.
    • The modules are in a scripted format for the instructor.
    • Recall can be improved by changing the format of your lecture part way through.
    • Surprisingly, few members of the legislature appear to be adopting this format.
    • The latter two tend to overlap, but the format allows for selective reading.
    • The table is organized in a format similar to that described for Table 3.
    • A show's format can also play in its favor, or not.
    • The show's format will have three contestants dealing with three rounds of sports trivia questions.
    • However he twists the format in his favour, it can never be twisted enough to ensure him a victory.
    • On Sunday, mixed triples is the format with same starting time and conditions of play.
    • But the debate format has forced both men to come down from their pedestals.

transitive verb formatting, formatted, formatted

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    formatted diskette diskette formateado
    • Figure 2 demonstrates a disk that was randomized properly before being formatted to contain an encrypted filesystem.
    • Here is a free resource Windows Setup Guide that can help you to learn about partitioning, formatting hard disks and installing Windows.
    • Through an associated software utility, the disk is formatted and can be only unlocked when the security dongle is used.
    • As usual, the disk was freshly formatted, and configured with only one partition.
    • These virtual disks can be formatted and file systems or databases mounted on them just like any conventional physical disk.
    • The .exe file is a self-extracting image that formats a floppy disk and writes the image to that disk.
    • A user asked him why the floppy drive made that noise while formatting a new disk and he answered.
    • The iSCSI volume can be partitioned, named and formatted like a normal disk drive.
    • Just boot from the CD and it will format the hard disk, then install a security-hardened Linux kernel and load the Corporate Guardian software.
    • Worse still, it attempts to format a user's hard disk when a user next tries to reboot.
    • ‘He removed the failed disk, put a new one in the hot plug tray, dropped the tray on the ground, then put it into the machine then formatted the wrong disk,’ I say.
    • I pointed out to him in the manual how to format a disk.
    • Windows will format the disk and ask you to give it a name.
    • As of this writing, it's probably a bad idea to format a disk using this tool.
    • You can also run a repair disk, which will format the drive and check for bad blocks.
    • If you choose the latter, then you will need to format your hard disk and do a clean install of the operating system and applications.
    • I was wondering if there was a serious performance impact to formatting a Linux partition with the following commands.
    • On another note, we formatted the other computer and put XP on it.
    • Instead, though, I've finally formatted the hard drive on my main PC and started again from scratch.
    • So, we formatted it, and did all sorts of wonderful things to it to make it nice and fresh for her.