Translation of formulate in Spanish:


formular, v.

Pronunciation /ˈfɔrmjəˌleɪt/ /ˈfɔːmjʊleɪt/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    • To implement strategies, MMRDA prepares plans, formulates policies and programmes and helps in directing investments in the region.
    • It is time to start seriously questioning the power of corporations, and their role in formulating economic policy.
    • It is time to think, plan and formulate a strong antibiotic policy to address the burgeoning hospital infection.
    • Basis Soaps and Cleansers are specially formulated with gentle cleansing ingredients and natural botanicals to leave skin feeling refreshingly clean.
    • Only use products that are specially formulated for safe use on leather.
    • Adkins reports that this alloy, specially formulated for use in steel mills, really helps.
    • I'm already formulating job search plans, and working out various budgetary considerations.
    • The product is specifically formulated to maximize muscle mass, definition, strength and endurance.
    • Youngsters will also learn to draw simple shapes with special crayons formulated specifically for use on construction paper.
    • We could then formulate biological hypotheses that might help explain those patterns.
    • If not, then formulate a sell strategy before you buy.
    • All diets were formulated to meet or exceed requirements for CP, Ca, P, and vitamin A.
    • Smith and Jones independently seek to confirm the newly formulated law of refraction.
    • The people who formulated this hypothesis took a quantum leap in the wrong direction.
    • We met with members of the unit team several times to formulate a strategy.
    • The required premises need to be formulated on the combined basis of empirical and rational knowledge.
    • He also said the release was formulated on the basis of some phone calls between executive members.
    • Then, I pull back again, formulating what I'm going to say.
    • Choose a fertilizer formulated for your plants and follow directions carefully.
    • The latter are formulated to meet the increased nutritional needs of pregnant females and puppies.