Translation of forswear in Spanish:


renunciar a, v.

Pronunciation /fɔrˈswɛr/ /fɔːˈswɛː/ /fəˈswɛː/

transitive verb forswore, forsworn

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    (pleasure/claim) renunciar a
    • Over the past 20 years, incentives have been used to successfully encourage other emergent and existing nuclear weapons powers to forswear the bomb, making the world a much safer place.
    • But there's no requirement that people cease or forswear political opposition.
    • Around 1800 male dress changed: men forswore exhibitionism and renounced brightly coloured, erotic attire.
    • They must forswear the use of race as a political weapon.
    • Now, all of these goodies probably don't mean much to a man with a net worth of $50 million, but as far as we know, he hasn't forsworn any of these perks, nor has he offered to pay for them himself.
    • Firstly, he has forsworn the easy Saturday Night Fever route of replicating the original's songs in the stage version.
    • Brown has promised not to borrow and has now forsworn increases in income tax.
    • By Article Nine of its constitution, Japan is forbidden to posses military forces, and forever forswore war as a means to achieve anything.
    • Recalling H.R. Haldeman's formative years as an advertising executive for bug spray, I forswore bug spray.
    • They were the toilers and savers of the economic miracle generation who forswore luxuries in the austere postwar decades to reserve their place in the sun towards the end of their lives.
    • In the late '70s, Fischer gave up on revolutionary socialism and forswore violence as a political tool.
    • The colonial state consciously forswore any attempt at intervening and averting these catastrophes.
    • So acting on the above premise I forswore the two staples from my diet - and bread potatoes.
    • They had to forswear violence, to wind up their paramilitary wing and to proceed to completion with the process of disarmament.
    • No appreciable number of people is really leaving, but if they are made to forswear any attention to or involvement in the whole sordid mess going forward, something similar is accomplished.
    • Though we had visited most of these harbors on previous cruises, the amount of port time encouraged us to forswear organized tours and strike out on our own.
    • Once again, I am faced with the choice of vices to forswear, in the spirit of turning over a new leaf.
    • Ben's mother Helen is a talented classical pianist and she has forsworn a musical career for her marriage to Edward.
    • Anyone who forswears advertising also forswears any claim to a share of the market.
    • It forswears the use of commercial plutonium as a fuel, because of proliferation risks.

reflexive verb forswore, forsworn

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    jurar en falso