Translation of forthcoming in Spanish:


próximo, adj.

Pronunciation /fɔrθˈkəmɪŋ/ /fɔːθˈkʌmɪŋ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(approaching)

      (event) próximo
      his daughter's forthcoming wedding la boda de su hija, que tendrá (or tendría etc.) lugar pronto / dentro de poco tiempo
      • We had played our rugby to gain the lead, and then, with one eye on the forthcoming cricket season, we had declared.
      • June was due to appear in the forthcoming production of ‘The Odd Couple’ in September.
      • They insisted that Wales would appear prominently in their forthcoming yearbook of regional statistics.
      • However, this deadline has long since passed and no application appears to be forthcoming.
      • Some of John Greening's poetry will be appearing in forthcoming issues of Quadrant.
      • The Spice Girls will definitely not be appearing at the forthcoming Live 8 charity concert.
      • As a prelude to the book, Dr Mitra has compiled an audio CD of some of the works that will appear in the forthcoming book.
      • The FBI is currently investigating, and thus far no announcements appear forthcoming.
      • The club is looking for a cricket professional to play for the side during the forthcoming season.
      • You can hear clips of the forthcoming album recorded on a mobile phone for the special ‘in the studio’ quality.
      • Otherwise, Kelvin may want to use the opportunity to have fans sample some tracks from his forthcoming album.
      • The songs that will make up her forthcoming album, Today's Special, are subtle masterpieces.
      • Mike from Portumna was launched on the scene at the start of the year and this new song is a track from a forthcoming debut album release.
      • And then I'll post something about the other forthcoming album I've been listening to.
      • He is expected to perform in the U.S. before the end of the year and a new album is forthcoming as well.
      • The past fortnight has continued the pattern, with his build-up to the forthcoming season about as smooth as an alpine pass.
      • The country has earmarked 115 million leva in energy aid for the forthcoming winter season.
      • She will perform with Opera Ireland during their forthcoming spring season.
      • Only members of the North Mayo Harriers will be permitted to ride with the club for the forthcoming season.
      • The New Books Service is your source for the latest information on current and forthcoming Canadian books.

    • 1.2(about to appear)

      (article/record) de próxima aparición
      (film) a estrenarse próximamente
      forthcoming books ediciones en preparación

  • 2

    no explanation was forthcoming no dieron (or dio etc.) ninguna explicación
    • there is no help forthcoming from that source por ese lado no cabe esperar ninguna ayuda
    • The chairman promised funds would be made available but none were forthcoming.
    • If credit was forthcoming, they were ready to borrow as much as someone was willing to lend.
    • The approach is preliminary in nature and there can be no certainty that an offer will ultimately be forthcoming.
    • Until, that is, all three threatened to resign on Monday evening if no better offer was forthcoming.
    • Paterson admitted he would face a dilemma if a formal offer from United was forthcoming in the next few days.
    • I think there is no question that, over time, this information will be forthcoming.
    • Information was always forthcoming on the whereabouts of a fox before the hunt, or when the hounds lost their line.
    • There were no leads, no information forthcoming about Lucie's possible whereabouts.
    • The only information forthcoming at the moment is the construction of 400 housing units at the vacant plot.
    • The appellants had responded but in essence no information was forthcoming.
    • I think that if the information was more forthcoming, more people would definitely act on it.
    • To this end we request your confirmation that the information requested will be forthcoming.
  • 3

    (open, helpful)
    he was not very forthcoming no estuvo muy comunicativo
    • she was not a forthcoming witness no fue de mucha ayuda como testigo