Traducción de fortunate en Español:


afortunado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfɔrtʃ(ə)nət/ /ˈfɔːtʃ(ə)nət/

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    (occurrence/coincidence) afortunado
    (occurrence/coincidence) feliz
    he's a fortunate person es una persona afortunada / con suerte
    • he was very fortunate to find a job tuvo mucha suerte al encontrar trabajo
    • you are fortunate in having no financial worries tienes suerte de no tener problemas económicos
    • it was fortunate that he came fue una suerte que viniera
    • how fortunate! ¡qué suerte!
    • They said it was fortunate that nobody had suffered serious food poisoning.
    • I consider myself very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to move down south.
    • It is a unique stadium and I consider myself very fortunate to have played there.
    • I consider myself very fortunate to have found this place.
    • In domestic experiences, however, you will be less fortunate.
    • Their neighbors, especially Latinos who have lived in the Mission for decades, have been less fortunate.
    • I count myself incredibly fortunate that I have a number of friends like this.
    • I would count myself more fortunate if he were to resemble you in kindness and love of justice.
    • I felt extremely fortunate, more like a survivor than a champion.
    • She was so fortunate to get to do these two magnificent characters before anybody had any idea about them.
    • Actually, thinking about that makes me realise how fortunate I am.
    • Some people aren't as fortunate as us.
    • Are you aware that not many people are as fortunate as you are?
    • My children are incredibly fortunate to attend an elementary school that has a cook who cares.
    • For a fortunate few, it may be met with love and compassion.
    • Few business travelers could afford or justify the costly comforts lavished upon the fortunate few.
    • Police said the driver of the Range Rover was fortunate to escape without serious injury.
    • We are fortunate to live in a country where the food is so varied.
    • I am fortunate enough to live in an area with an excellent recycling scheme.
    • Miller was fortunate to receive a call from a potential buyer.
    • Some of his most valuable connections flowed from the accident of a fortunate birth.
    • In theory, a currency union can offer economic benefits - but only under fortunate circumstances.
    • Being in such a fortunate position, it has the opportunity to do very well.
    • As we were lost this was a bit of a fortunate coincidence.