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fortuna, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfɔrtʃən/ /ˈfɔːtʃuːn/ /ˈfɔːtʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(money, prosperity)

      fortuna femenino
      • The party's electoral fortunes also revived in the state elections and by-elections.
      • He hoped that a successful outcome in the Special Election would reverse his sagging political fortunes.
      • The club's fortunes have risen and declined again.
      • Workers at a famous Bolton factory have helped turn around their company's fortunes.
      • But it was a trip to Ireland that really transformed the company's fortunes.
      • She wants to turn the team's fortunes around quickly, whatever it takes.
      • Both men have seen their fortunes rise and fall with the opinion poll results.
      • His reaction amounts to an acknowledgement that the fortunes of the national side inform everything.
      • Residents have also been urged to gather information on troublemakers in a bid to turn the estate's fortunes around.
      • She helped to change the image and fortunes of the estate by improving facilities, particularly for the young.
      • Despite the turn in his public fortunes, privately it's been a difficult year.
      • But it still amounts to a substantial fortune for him not to have a share of.
      • In fact, only a handful of the wealthy allow their entire fortunes to be taxed.
      • Not only does he smoke heavily, but he has made a substantial fortune out of selling and marketing tobacco, to the detriment of the health of many people.
      • A pensioner who wins the lottery or inherits an unexpected fortune could continue to claim the government's new flagship benefit.
      • The wealth brought by his marriage and his canny eye for business between them enabled him to amass a substantial fortune.
      • Before the war he had been left a substantial fortune by his father.
      • It was in the interests of those who have made vast and largely illicit fortunes at the expense of society that this war was fought.
      • Great scientific achievements are in prospect, and vast fortunes are to be made.
      • The young would be lured in with promises of amassing great fortunes in private accounts.
      • A young man who inherited a large fortune spent all of his time jetting around the world playing new and exotic golf courses.
      • Quite how much of a personal fortune he had inherited is uncertain.
      • Since 1987 Forbes has scoured the globe tracking the fortunes of the world's wealthiest people and uncovering new faces.
      • The president himself made a small fortune selling his failed oil company to business friends of his father.
      • Despite humble origins, her father amassed a small fortune buying, cultivating and reselling land.
      • On paper, this bodes well for trust fund children set to inherit the family fortunes.
      • Bill Cosby may have gained his fame and fortune telling jokes and funny stories.
      • It would also give him a chance to spend that fortune.
      • He eventually grows a conscience, to the point of sacrificing his fortune for every last human life he can save.
      • The five won their chance of fame and fortune after a series of open auditions as viewers watched their highs and lows.
      • This metal, dug from the earth of California, provided my fortune.

    • 1.2coloquial (a lot of money)

      dineral masculino
      platal masculino América del Sur coloquial
      pastón masculino España coloquial
      • It will not cost a fortune to buy, insurance is not needed, maintenance is minimal and a driving licence is not essential.
      • Like all Kias, the Sorento will not cost you a fortune to buy or to run.
      • Items such as modern hi-tech lamps can cost a fortune to buy but you haven't begun to count the real cost until you work out what you pay to travel with them.
      • Even though these items cost a fortune, they're bought because their owners don't want to be looked down on.
      • Officials also knew that upgrading the building to meet seismic standards would cost a fortune.
      • The second Megan stepped inside, she knew that it must have cost Chris a fortune to get the reservations.
      • Let that be a lesson to you all thinking of engaging in cultural exchanges: send something that doesn't cost a fortune to post.
      • The huge raids cost a fortune, embarrassed the police and the tide of street dealers flowed back in.
      • While you can spend a fortune on buying and decorating your ideal dolls' home, you don't have to.
      • We then spent a fortune buying all sorts of goodies from some of the shops in Glastonbury High Street.
      • The whole system looked like a proper dog's dinner and it cost a fortune to set up.
      • But, thankfully, we've now got room to lock away the teak garden furniture that we spent a fortune buying at the start of the summer.
      • Well the rumourmongers claim a jealous belief that the playhouse costs a fortune to run and cannot be making any money.
      • This call is costing me a fortune, so don't waste my time and money denying this.
      • I wouldn't have accepted if mum hadn't forked out a fortune to buy me this dress.
      • It does not cost a fortune to make and is even better value for money if you buy a large sack of potatoes.
      • All I know is that it costs us a fortune in cat food.
      • It may cost a fortune but it was definitely worth it.
      • For example, it cost a small fortune just for the extension cords.
      • Like I didn't spend a fortune having the Times sent to me every day.

  • 2

    • 2.1(fate)

      I followed his fortune(s) with interest seguí su trayectoria / sus peripecias con interés

    • 2.2(destiny)

      destino masculino
      sino masculino literario
      • Notwithstanding those difficulties the biggest problem facing any publisher is chance and fickle fortune.
      • Peter's exercised the discipline and fitness that we have come to expect from them, but were also forced to rely on fortune.
      • Aries, the cosmic lamb/ram, thus was seen to control time and space and human fortune.
      • I knew I wouldn't get a chance to slip in before class but fortune smiled on me in the form of an open window.
      • The veterinarian says fortune has smiled on his life.
      • And just as the serpent had promised, good fortune smiled upon the woodcutter and his wife.
      • We are trying that all the time and on Sunday fortune smiled little bit on us.
      • Even his eventual transfer was an accident of fortune.
      • However, fortune smiled upon them, as they had arrived in Nathaal a few hours earlier than expected.
      • But the pair suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune with smiles and embraced each other warmly at the end of an epic contest.
      • The idea of restoring the aircraft in the desert became more remote but good fortune smiled upon the museum.
      • Good fortune smiled however, when they added organic dairy products to their mix.
      • Some are not so lucky, but I believe that fortune has smiled on him.
      • He weighed up the opportunities which fortune provided.
      • I should have known that such good luck was not my fortune though.
      • As a result she had been kicked around by fortune as it pleased, painfully aware of its brute force.
      • At its core, Le Cercle Rouge is all about fortune, about how it cannot be forced nor can it be avoided.
      • There are few things I dislike more than feeling that my fate and fortune is in the hands of professional back-protectors.

  • 3

    good fortune suerte
    • it was my good fortune to … tuve la suerte / la fortuna de …
    • it was sheer good fortune that we arrived at the same time fue pura suerte que llegáramos al mismo tiempo