Translation of forum in Spanish:


foro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɔrəm/ /ˈfɔːrəm/

Definition of foro in Spanish


  • 1

    (in ancient Rome, etc)
    foro masculine
  • 2

    (platform for discussion)
    foro masculine
    • With an inclusive membership it has provided a forum for the exchange of views on a broad range of issues.
    • Theatre does matter: it is a forum for ideas and discussion within a community.
    • The senate, we are told, is a forum for reflective debate on key issues.
    • The annual day was also used as a forum for parents to voice their views on the programme.
    • Thirty-three electors took the opportunity to attend the open public forum immediately before the council meeting.
    • Eight electors took the opportunity to attend the open public forum before the council meeting in July.
    • Participation in two moderated online discussion forums enabled the generation of research questions and their modification as they arose.
    • The Commission has been holding open public forums throughout the country.
    • Join this online discussion forum, which also has resources for Canadian youth.
    • An online discussion forum was set up, allowing both experts and members of the public to have their say.
    • There are also opportunities in the multilateral regional forums sponsored by the US and other nations.
    • A community forum was held last week to discuss the effects and consequences of joining the new alternative football league.
    • The WTO establishes a permanent multilateral forum for trade negotiations and dispute settlement.
    • Conferences and journals can contribute by providing forums for debate and information dissemination.
    • The BMJ would provide an excellent forum for this debate to take place.
    • A record number of people attended neighbourhood forums during the autumn cycle across the Keighley area.
    • I noticed that others in various Web forums also have this same problem.
    • There are many very talented photographers to be found at the various internet photo forums.
    • There will also be a fans' forum for questions and answers.
    • Luckily, some of those that do stand up to be counted in Bradford enhance your excellent readers' forum.