Translation of four-ply in Spanish:


de cuatro hebras, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfɔrˌplaɪ/


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    (yarn) de cuatro hebras
    • Although six and eight-ply boards are thicker than traditional four-ply boards, they can be cut easily when the proper guidelines are followed, noted the experts.
    • The four-ply seams won't tear or unravel, and the soft but tough 1-inch tie-downs won't put dings or scratches on your boat's hull.
    • Instead of the four-ply Titan my machinery comes with, I go with a Galaxy eight-ply.
    • The L7 and L8 series are robust machines with strong four-ply tread belts, thick decks and lots of control panel options.
    • FIG. 1 is an illustration showing the result of a prior art weaving method in interweaving a two-ply portion and a four-ply portion.
    • She recently mounted three four-ply boards together plus a rag barrier board.


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    lana de cuatro hebras feminine
    hilo de cuatro hebras masculine
    • Changes to the Pueblo stitch only began to occur with the advent of the domestically manufactured, aniline-dyed wool four-ply, often referred to as ‘Germantown yarn.’