Translation of four-poster in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌfɔrˈpoʊstər/


(four-poster bed)
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    cama con cuatro columnas, gen con dosel
    • Hang your coat in the handcrafted armoire before stretching out on the four-poster with feather bed and comforter.
    • Face it: the four-poster or sleigh bed is a lot more inviting than the standard-issue metal frame with fake wood headboard that is found at many motels.
    • I remind myself of this on each of the seven occasions I wake up, staring at the sprigged floral canopy of my four-poster bed, calculating how much longer I have to lie here.
    • She lay on a four-poster bed with a canopy of shimmering gauze and silk.
    • Yet, as I sleepily stretched out to the corners of the four-poster bed, I wondered if I'd achieved the impossible.
    • There was a guitar in a corner, across a four-poster bed with rosy mattresses and shapely pillows.
    • A magnificent four-poster bed stood in a corner and a rich comforter was draped over the bed.
    • The room was a soft, pale yellow color with a four-poster bed and a stunning canopy.
    • None of the quilts are shaped or cut out at the foot to accommodate the posts on a four-poster bed.
    • I am beckoned by comfortable chairs on the veranda, then by the four-poster bed, then by the hammock strung across the corner, but know that if I settle down I may never get up in time to dive.
    • Beside the master bedroom, with its four-poster and chaise longue, is a charming Moroccan-style bathroom with green and terracotta tiles.
    • A four-poster bed with a slightly moth-eaten canopy lay in one corner, appearing as if it hadn't been used for many a night, and a table stood beside it.
    • Warming to the salvage game, Thomas and Rhodes created a marble floor from broken pieces of old washstands and crafted a four-poster bed from barley twists taken from a nearby shop.
    • I saw that she had gotten rid of the four-poster, which was now substituted by a simple sleigh bed.
    • The beds are four-posters, the mirrors venetian, the rugs Aubusson and every room is filled with beautiful objects.
    • I hurried to my room and collapsed on the bed - a violet four-poster bed.
    • An armoire stood between the door and the bedstead, an old four-poster crouching against the left wall, with no mattress and the canopy in tatters.
    • On the bed - a marvelous four-poster - sat her backpack, the one she had been wearing when she saw the angel fall.
    • His bed was a small four-poster, with Elven designs in the poles.
    • It had a four-poster bed, a leather upholstered chair, and a chest of drawers with a large vanity mirror.