Translation of fourteen in Spanish:


catorce, n.

Pronunciation /ˌfɔrˈtin/ /ˈfɔrˌtin/ /fɔːˈtiːn/ /ˈfɔːtiːn/

Definition of catorce in Spanish


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    catorce masculine
    • The Christmas tree, still on display, was nearly fourteen feet high and did not yet reach the ceiling.
    • It's about thirteen or fourteen essays and some other stuff, seven or eight poems and a couple of plays.
    • A lot could be written on the delight of setting foot on rock after fourteen weeks of snow and ice and nearly seven out of sight of all else.
    • Seven of the fourteen cuts in tutorials have already been made, most significantly as the result of the introduction of a compulsory thesis.
    • I was devastated, and mourned Daddy's passing for twelve, thirteen, maybe even fourteen minutes.
    • He birdied thirteen of fourteen holes but these scores were overshadowed by the events on the par three eight.
    • Imagine if you put fourteen artists from seven different countries in a room together.
    • The graveyard consists of twenty rows with fourteen and a half lots in each row, room for more than a thousand burials.
    • There are fourteen contributors, and thirteen admit to an ongoing full or part time academic appointment.
    • Jepson claims the service will charge a twenty-five cent connection fee for each call, and seven to fourteen cents per minute.
    • It is a four-mile permanent road course with fourteen turns outlined by seven miles of access road on 626 acres of land.
    • All thirteen girls and fourteen boys raced each other once Mr. Fleur blew his whistle.
    • The work, mostly painting, tends towards the abstract and each is a series of seven, fourteen or ten.
    • In the past month, US pilots have struck from seven to fourteen targets a week.
    • Joy says a reasonable guide is to use the drugs as directed, for seven to fourteen days.
    • The technique was tried in fourteen patients, and seven patients were controls.
    • The graves were well made of round limestone, they were about four feet long, one foot wide and about fourteen inches deep.
    • Plus, after nearly fourteen months of untroubled service, I'm finally getting tired of this design.
    • The trip took nearly fourteen hours, but it now takes less than five hours by bus or train.
    • Compiled by a group of US foreign policy experts, the programme included fourteen different points.


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    (invariable adjective) catorce