Translation of franking machine in Spanish:

franking machine

máquina franqueadora, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfræŋkɪŋ/


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    máquina franqueadora feminine
    estampilladora feminine Latin America
    • Customers who wish to use their franking machine to add the return address should consult their machine supplier.
    • French law had discriminated against imported postal franking machines.
    • Unbeknown to me, Jonathan swiped my franking machine to send out magazines.
    • Is there any company out there who would run some appeal letters through their franking machines?
    • Never use the office franking machine for your personal correspondence.
    • Big businesses have mailrooms that deal with couriers and have franking machines.
    • Mr Crossley suggests businesses use other Royal Mail services, such as franking machines or pre-printed mail contracts.
    • The franking machine must never be used for the posting of any personal mail; its key should always be locked away.
    • Where a franking machine requires manual adjustments to change the date, staff should ensure that this is done each morning before the machine is used.
    • Certain franking machine suppliers provide specially marked envelopes for mail that has been received late.