Translation of freedom in Spanish:


libertad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfridəm/ /ˈfriːdəm/

Definition of libertad in Spanish


  • 1

    • 1.1(liberty)

      libertad feminine
      freedom of speech/religion/the press libertad de expresión/culto(s)/prensa
      • freedom of action/movement libertad de acción/movimientos
      • freedom of movement of labour libertad de movimiento del trabajo
      • freedom of conscience libertad de conciencia
      • As usual, those in the pay of the pesticide industry presume to speak on behalf of freedom of choice and a balanced approach.
      • Violence or intimidation against the media could hamper press freedom and eventually deprive the public of its right to information.
      • In recent years, examples of media abuses of press freedom have been common.
      • We were taken to hear the president speak on religious freedom.
      • The freedom of scientists to speak out and share their insights is one of the fundamentals of a modern knowledge-based democracy.
      • These days, in theory, just about everyone in the country has freedom to speak.
      • This is excellent news and a triumph for civil liberty and freedom of choice.
      • They have demanded reforms including free election of the president, a reduction of presidential powers, and freedom of the press.
      • At issue are weighty concepts like press freedom, freedom of belief and, of course, human rights.
      • Our media are a disgrace to the hallowed concept of freedom of the press.
      • While York College itself has not taken a stance on the issue, the biologists have academic freedom to speak out, he said.
      • The freedom of MPs to speak the truth as they see it has been a jealously protected right in our Westminster system over the centuries.
      • The law gives the government the power to restrict freedom of the press and freedom of assembly and to shut down theaters.
      • Fellman won widespread acclaim as an authority in constitutional law and a champion of academic freedom.
      • Charges of censorship, however, will not impress a country that likes to consider itself a champion of literary freedom.
      • The present regime is not very tolerant of academic freedom.
      • So many women of my generation take for granted that women had always had our freedoms.
      • There is a real political battle on now to defend some of our basic freedoms.
      • If they can do this so easily then imagine what other freedoms are being compromised.
      • I'm not ignorant to the battle by women to win votes, freedoms and equality.

    • 1.2(independence, scope)

      libertad feminine
      I like the freedom of having a car me gusta la libertad que te da (tener) un coche
      • journalists had complete editorial freedom los periodistas tenían carta blanca en materia editorial
      • the freedom of her prose lo libre de su prosa

    • 1.3

      freedom from sth
      • the plan guarantees freedom from financial worries
      • its freedom from side effects is unproven

  • 2

    • 2.1(frankness)

      libertad feminine
      desenvoltura feminine
      to speak with complete freedom hablar con toda / plena libertad
      • They think that they can make themselves as agreeable to the men as their successful rivals, by adopting the same style and allowing the same freedom of conversation.
      • I talked a great deal to him with the freedom I have long used to him on this and on other subjects.
      • We were surprised to find an openness and freedom between us we hadn't experienced before.

    • 2.2(familiarity)

      familiaridad feminine
      he behaved with too much freedom towards his superiors trataba a sus superiores con demasiada familiaridad

  • 3

    (rights of use or access)
    they gave her the freedom of their house pusieron la casa a su entera disposición