Translation of French bread in Spanish:

French bread

pan francés, n.


  • 1

    pan francés masculine
    • For this, she sliced a loaf of French bread and topped each slice with prepared red pepper pesto mix and Parmesan cheese and toasted the bread in a 375-degree oven for about 8 minutes.
    • To go with these items there were three salad dressings plus garlic bread or French bread.
    • The starter was inspired by a little place on Brighton beach which sells fresh mackerel flash-grilled and served in a chunk of French bread with some salad; Russell's version is a bit more upmarket and even harder to eat with any dignity.
    • On the rim of the sizeable bowl sat four thin slices of crisp French bread which we took at first to be garlic bread.
    • There's nothing better than a bottle of wine, a big loaf of French bread with balsamic vinegar, good olive oil, maybe some roasted garlic and peppers.
    • I served it in bowls with French bread and a white wine.
    • Lastly he placed a loaf of French bread in the oven to warm.
    • I'd live on French bread, drink cheap white wine, and scam free rooms.
    • He's got a travel brochure for Israel under his arm like a Parisian carrying his loaf of French bread.
    • He took out a loaf of French bread from the shelves and pointed it at you.
    • Over dinner he watched Stacey demolish a grilled red snapper, a generous portion of steamed rice and half a loaf of crusty French bread.
    • Caitlin Davis was working at the counter with Helen Crane, cutting a loaf of French bread.
    • She hands me a plain brown bag which appears to hold a loaf of French bread, or something very similar.
    • But she soon came out clutching a long loaf of French bread and took up a softball stance.
    • In El Paso we had bought Ramen noodles, tuna fish, cheese, salami, French bread and other goodies to consume on the train.
    • The French bread, though adequate, could be better.
    • We knew he couldn't get good French bread in the city at that time.
    • Another optional extra is a slice of French bread placed in the bowl before ladling in the soup.
    • This alone should be reason enough for us to pack the car boot with French bread and bubbly cider.
    • The recipe will make delicious French bread with or without the steam generator and oven insert.