Translation of French fries in Spanish:

French fries

papas fritas, n.

plural noun

  • 1

    papas fritas feminine
    patatas fritas feminine Spain
    papas a la francesa feminine Colombia, Mexico
    • Choose a salad instead of French fries, or cheese pizza instead of pepperoni, she advised.
    • I was addicted to the burgers and the French fries and the pizza and the fried chicken and all those other things out there.
    • After a nice steak dinner with French fries and a salad everyone gathered around Charney to look at the pictures.
    • Starch and sugar content are also important for the quality of processed products such as potato chips and French fries.
    • They also were more likely to eat potato chips and French fries than were students in most other countries.
    • He loaded it up with chopped cucumber and tomato salad, French fries and a mysterious meat substance.
    • Danny the bartender came charging into the kitchen to demand ketchup with the French fries for his customer.
    • The most requested last meal is a cheeseburger and French fries.
    • By the time Crystal's order arrived Angel had already chosen a salad, special French fries in savory sauce and an ice cream.
    • He served the meal of turkey burgers and French fries with a flourish.
    • But all too often those who gather around the table wish for French fries, a burger, and a Coke.
    • This practice can reduce your risk of over-indulging on steak or French fries.
    • Throughout the country, French fries are eaten with steaks or minced raw meat.
    • Individual plates, piled high with thick club sandwiches and crispy French fries, were passed round to everyone present.
    • It is a mixture of French fries with fresh cheddar cheese curds, covered with hot gravy.
    • The burger comes with French fries and a bottle of beer.
    • Those things you call French fries are not real chips.
    • Jennifer narrowed her eyes and dunked her French fry in more ketchup.
    • He nodded, drowning a French fry in ketchup before sliding it into his mouth.
    • People were eating hamburgers and French fries for every single meal.