Translation of fretboard in Spanish:


diapasón con trastes, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfrɛtbɔrd/ /ˈfrɛtbɔːd/


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    diapasón con trastes masculine
    • Hayden's progression is apparent from the opening chords of ‘Street Car,’ faint and filtered, with audible squeaks and shimmers of Hayden's fingers on the fretboard of his 12-string.
    • Kelvin's hands were so small they could only just reach around the fretboard of his guitar.
    • You have to stumble over the transition to the last verse of ‘Louie Louie,’ as the Kingsmen did, or play the guitar solo in ‘You Really Got Me’ like Dave Davies, as if your fingers might slip off the fretboard and ruin it at any moment.
    • His dazzling guitar playing was a joy to behold, with a seemingly bottomless pit of effects pedals to work with and a guitar that had a flashing fretboard.
    • The mere repetition of a few chords or basic riffs while you struggled with the fretboard still had you quaking with excitement.
    • Almost every piece opens with one guitarist playing a very simple figure at a mournful tempo while the other pokes around on his or her fretboard, sometimes tonally, sometimes prettily, most times not.
    • There is a world of difference between the act of consciously playing a note somewhere on the fretboard for some logical reason and the act of singing that same note.
    • So whilst they were discussing fretboards and Ernie Ball strings, I concentrated on the magazine I'd bought in Woolworths earlier on.
    • My other 6-string has a very round neck, so while it sounds great for thick chords and rhythm, it's hard to do anything on the top part of the fretboard.
    • The slowed down tempo lets the listener hear every note as it creeps up and down the fretboard - an effect that creates a high sense of tension and drama.
    • Pressing on the fretboard alters the length of the vibrating string, producing a new note.
    • Can women punch out hot licks and melodic riffs on a six stringed fretboard?
    • Set yourself a date by when you will know every single note on the fretboard and play them naturally.
    • The guitar fretboard on a classical guitar, however, is usually plain and lacks these markers.
    • So as you play songs you will become more familiar with the fretboard and how songs are built.
    • Maple fretboards are finished despite these problems simply because raw maple is so easily discolored.
    • Now you can learn and practice the guitar fretboard anywhere you take your mobile device.
    • The larger the radius, the larger the circle, and the flatter the fretboard will be.
    • It does have a flowery scent but I have yet to find anything better for maintaining rosewood fretboards.
    • Brazilian rosewood fretboards and their denser rainforest counterparts add sparkle and ring, and Indian rosewood fretboards can help fatten up the midrange.