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volante, n.

Pronunciación /frɪl/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(of fabric)

      volante masculino
      volado masculino Río de la Plata
      olán masculino México
      vuelo masculino Chile
      • It was pink, with frills around the collar and bottom hem.
      • The sleeves of the shirt were, thanks to Allicia, immaculately black, the frills of the cuffs ruffled lightly.
      • There were tucks and folds and frills and bows and lace and rhinestones and embroidery and ribbons all over it.
      • It was black, all right… and it had frills on the collar and sleeves.
      • There was enough for the body and the sleeves, but not enough for the frills on the sleeve or the button band.
      • Or add on the frills, scrunched sleeves and bows for a very very feminine blouse, like the pink Vuitton one on the right.
      • Lace was tied at the top, and it had little frills around spaghetti straps.
      • It had frills at the end of the sleeves and exposed her shoulders.
      • It was a white color with long sleeves, a full skirt with lace and frills galore, and a low but modest bodice edged with pearls.
      • The shutters were latched and a faint light illuminated the embroidered curtain frills and the white satin duvet folded neatly across the bed.
      • Her frill tore and her shoulder and her tattoo were revealed.
      • It was a light pale blue dress with spaghetti straps, simple, no frills or lace, that was made of some sort of slightly lustrous material.
      • She finally settled on French toast, and rose in her night gown that matched the yellow walls, with light frills on the bottom and sleeves.
      • He sported a purple waistcoat with gold stripes and frills of lace at his throat and cuffs.
      • The hallway of Van Beveren's house is filled with colourful tops, dresses and bathing suits with strategically placed frills, bold prints or appliqués.
      • The white pillow with frills on Rita's bed made an excellent muffle for the young heroine's pain-wretched moans.
      • Perhaps you prefer romantic lace, trendy ruching, vintage frays, dressy frills or the latest dirty-denim.
      • Everyone knows that a cute outfit is made with nice light colors and pretty frills.
      • Kelly dressed in one of her grandmother's latest proper girl dresses, which usually included lace or frills or both.
      • What if it turns out that you look really hot in frills?

    • 1.2(of paper)

      fleco masculino

  • 2 coloquial

    • 2.1(pretension)

      floritura femenino
      a ceremony with no frills una ceremonia sencilla
      • In an article last October, I described how my wife and I planned to chop around £800 a month from our expenses by cutting back on unnecessary luxuries, frills and trimmings.
      • It's as nice a defensive pistol as you can buy, with every feature needed and no unnecessary frills.
      • ‘Our clients are paying for our services, not the extra frills of working from the glassy palaces of Covent Garden,’ he said.
      • However, thanks to its extra frills like a high-resolution screen and the camera, it retails at a steep price of $999.
      • Donald's focus underscores a basic fact in business today: Training and learning are not extras or frills.
      • The lines and silhouettes throughout the room were smooth and clean, devoid of frills or embellishments.
      • For the person who wants a solid variety of programming but doesn't want any extra frills, this is the way to go.
      • They don't include a whole lot of frills and extras, but the end result is a cheaper priced board.
      • They want no fuss, frills, complications and definitely no maintenance.
      • There are big changes coming up on the website, with added frills and better accessibility.
      • All told, this disc presents a pleasant slate of pop jazz tunes with no frills.
      • First, you make well-intentioned promises to throw a small, intimate gathering, with minimal frills and no bells or whistles.
      • Some of the tax code's frills and furbelows are justifiable.
      • And while we like mass transit, door-to-door school bus service is a frill they should cut.
      • The symposium will bring together a host of experts, and help us have new perspectives in which history and their players appear without frills.
      • ‘In an economic downturn, you cut out the frills,’ Funderburg says.
      • Natchez brings big New Orleans flavors to the East Village, without frills or gimmicks.
      • At the same time, youth counsellors have been cut out of Toronto's public education system as a frill.
      • But the San Francisco Chronicle declared that it is ‘a routine thriller, with Western frills and fringes’.
      • Cross argues that dismissing music as a useless frill smacks of ethnocentricity.

    • 2.2(refinement)

      detalle masculino