Translation of from in Spanish:


desde, prep

Pronunciation /frəm/ /frɒm/

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  • 1

    • 1.1

      (indicating starting point) desde
      (indicating origin) de
      from the beginning desde el principio
      • a call from New York una llamada de Nueva York
      • the arrival of the flight from Madrid la llegada del vuelo procedente de Madrid
      • I'm from Texas soy de Texas
      • the bus leaves from the marketplace el autobús sale del mercado
      • from here you can see the river desde aquí se puede ver el río
      • T-shirts from $15 camisetas desde / a partir de $l5
      • She got a bad feeling in her stomach as she slowly got up from her bed and walked back to the stairs.
      • Amazingly, it took only five months for the Altea to make the journey from prototype to showroom.
      • The main journey I make is from Woodthorpe to Rawcliffe, where my girlfriend lives.
      • It's a five hour journey from Chichester, with train changes at Reading and Crewe.
      • Car journeys to and from the site would also be increased if the expansion was given the go-ahead.
      • It took the Councillor two hours to make the journey from Bury to Ramsbottom.
      • Not that you're bothered, but my journey to and from work is a two bus affair.
      • My Saturday evening journey from Kings Cross to York took no less than six hours!
      • The local rivals make the short journey across the border from Lancashire today.
      • The problems all occurred on the last leg of the journey from London Paddington back to Didcot.
      • Regular buses from Saranda make the journey, or you can haggle a price with a taxi driver.
      • We used to stop there at least four times a year in my childhood on the journeys to and from each grandmother.
      • It's only one of many benefits to sharing the driving on your regular journey to and from work.
      • Journeys to and from one of the hospitals will have to be made on the second and third journey of the ticket.
      • The Russian Soyuz is now the only ship capable of carrying crew to and from the space outpost.
      • It would not be possible for the Met not to be changed by the journey from Lawrence.
      • It was also said that one leg of a planned flight involved a journey from Manchester.
      • The final treat of the day was when our driver rose from the table and motioned for me to join him.
      • My observation is that only a small number of cars move from their spaces during the working day.
      • Bear in mind there's a lengthy one hour plus taxi journey from the airport into town.

    • 1.2(indicating distance)

      2cm from the edge a 2cm del borde
      • 15km from the coast a 15km de la costa
      • we're still three hours from Tulsa todavía faltan tres horas para llegar a Tulsa
      • He said they were now staying a short distance from their home in a flat on the Down's Road.
      • The car was seen by police a couple of hours later only a short distance from Mr Graiezevsky's road.
      • We often go to Hohai lake, which is walking distance from here and part of the old imperial grounds.
      • Who measured the distance from Earth to Mars and did they have to make sure the tape measure was rigid?
      • A site on Infirmary Road was rejected because of its distance from the city centre.
      • More than ever it's a question we must face, standing at a distance from the photocopier.
      • This leaves her with a loss of feeling in her limbs and means she has to use the car to travel any distance from her home.
      • It is five miles from St Andrews and a similar distance from a variety of beaches and scenic towns.
      • The car would need to travel only a short distance from the car park to pick up a fare.
      • It is a tool which can be used to design the network with the check on distances from three points.
      • Other sanctuaries of Demeter in Greece were located at some distance from town centres.
      • The length measured, using a ruler, was the distance from the base to the first flower on the stem.
      • The word sin was originally an archery term, being a unit of distance from the bull's eye.
      • Scores shall be determined according to the distance of the arrows from the flag stick.
      • I then measured an equal distance from both sides and marked the area to be cut out.

  • 2

    • 2.1(after)

      from today a partir de hoy
      • from the moment we met/the age of 12 desde el momento en que nos conocimos/los 12 años
      • 50 years/an hour from now dentro de 50 años/una hora
      • If we have a scale from one to ten, what are we going to do if we meet someone who is a twelve?
      • With prices ranging from a few rupees to a few hundred, the lamps make for a memorable buy.
      • Injuries range from serious lacerations to major fractures and head and spinal injuries.
      • Reviews were mixed, ranging from two stars in the Guardian to four in the film magazine Empire.
      • Anyone with a few hours to spare can join, and the current volunteers range in age from 18 up.
      • The timescales allowed to complete the recommendations ranges from two to five years.
      • The types of incidents the team deal with ranges from high to low level cases.
      • Up to ten children at a time would be housed overnight, with ages ranging from six weeks to five years.

    • 2.2(before)

      we are only minutes from takeoff! ¡estamos a pocos minutos del despegue!
      • we're still years from a cure van a pasar años antes de que se encuentre una cura

  • 3

    (indicating source)
    a letter from my lawyer una carta de mi abogado
    • a friend from school un amigo del colegio
    • she drank straight from the bottle bebió directamente de la botella
    • I was surprised to hear that from her me sorprendió escuchar eso de boca de ella
    • that's enough from you! ¡basta!
    • you can tell him that from me! ¡puedes decírselo de mi parte!
    • have you heard from her? ¿has tenido noticias suyas?
    • we heard from Sam that … nos enteramos por Sam de que …
    • a quotation from the Bible una cita (tomada) de la Biblia
    • a drawing from life un dibujo del natural
    • the movie is adapted from the novel by Horace Greenbaum la película es una adaptación de la novela de Horace Greenbaum
    • I am not in a position to indicate what roads will be funded from that source in the year.
    • I must agree with Mr Derbyshire that clean energy from renewable sources is the way forward.
    • They have to get funding from somewhere, these sources for funds have to be big, and so have to be noticed.
    • The rest of the cash is being met by funds raised through the parish itself and grant money from other sources.
    • If they showed pictures of meetings, people would get ideas from other sources.
    • Therefore it is better to drink from a known and trusted source, rather than from a suspect bottle.
    • I only hope the logs used were from a renewable source, because man, there were a lot of 'em.
    • This translation from a medieval Anglo-Norman source gives a less cynical view on it.
    • Their identities have not been released but police sources say they are from Rayleigh.
    • He added that another appeal of the furniture was that it was sourced from sustainable forests.
    • You can go here and see images from his motion work and also some clips, but not many.
    • It is also called the Cork Tree, as an inferior cork is processed from its corky bark.
    • In the event of objections from members of the public, the consent would be subject to a public inquiry.
    • Money from any fundraising events in the pipeline will go towards extra items and running costs.
    • The event is run under the watchful eye of troops from the Royal Artillery Display Troop.
    • The event is organised by volunteers from the library to raise money to spend on community facility.
    • Analysts often use prices from various markets as indicators of potential events.
    • Top performers from all over the area have been brought together for the show.
    • Now his rescue bids have earned him a top life-saving award from the Royal Humane Society.
    • Let's observe our rights to support both teams whatever part of this fine island you are from.
  • 4from … to …

    • 4.1(in place)

      they flew from New York to Lima volaron de Nueva York a Lima
      • they stretch from Derbyshire to the borders of Scotland se extienden desde el condado de Derbyshire hasta el sur de Escocia
      • from house to house de casa en casa
      • from door to door de puerta en puerta

    • 4.2(in time)

      we work from nine to five trabajamos de nueve a cinco
      • I'll be in Europe from June 20 to 29 voy a estar en Europa desde el 20 hasta el 29 de junio

    • 4.3(indicating source)

      with love, from Sue to Jane para Jane. Cariñosamente, Sue
      • from generation to generation de generación en generación

    • 4.4(indicating range)

      from $50 to $100 entre 50 y 100 dólares
      • the shades range from deep blue to very pale yellow los colores van desde un azul oscuro hasta un amarillo muy claro
      • AgriPower has developed a ‘virtual landfill’ system that can produce electricity and heat by burning anything from nuts to old tires.
      • Activities at the youth group include everything from sporting events to weekends away.
      • The exhibition features all things foodie from specialist ranges to top booze.
      • Is there a scale running from Not Believable to This Character is Now a Real Person?
      • The ideas range from the highly plausible to the vaguely intriguing to the obviously crackpot.
      • This ranges from casual remarks to serious agitation by the xenophobic right.
      • It contains a range of 120 ideas from chicken and noodle bake to a simple tuna sandwich.
      • All the tracks are original compositions and the music ranges from folk to acoustic jazz.
      • Its severity can range from a minor inconvenience to a fatal rhythm disturbance.
      • Attacks ranged from verbal abuse and being spat on to being pelted with stones and shot at with airguns.
      • It is among the largest in the country, ranging from farms to gold mines, gravel pits to forests.
      • Mourners ranged from the very young to pensioners who had lived their entire lives in the village.
      • Five bands wowed the crowds with musical styles ranging from country and western to rock and jazz.
      • Each band had a mere ten minutes to show off their talent and music ranged from rock to punk and nu-metal.
      • If found guilty, they face sanctions ranging from a small fine to being stripped of their posts.
      • They range from banker masons skilled in the hand carving of stone to experts in materials testing.
      • These range from stained glass and masonry through to steam engines and historic aircraft.
      • It has developed into a full flute choir incorporating the entire flute range from piccolo to bass.

  • 5

    • 5.1(as a result of)

      his eyes were red from crying tenía los ojos rojos de tanto llorar
      • he suffers from insomnia sufre de insomnio
      • this comes from being careless with money esto es lo que pasa cuando no se tiene cuidado con el dinero
      • How are you supposed to tell if a neurotic dog feels it has benefited from its treatment?
      • Surgery is an option for the minority of women who get little benefit from medical treatment.
      • It was nominated by people who have benefited from its work and seen the positive effect on the community.
      • The residents may indeed benefit from being under the wing of Croydon Council.
      • Those who benefit from positive discrimination gain access, but not those who don't.
      • My vegetables will benefit enormously from this very kind and generous action.
      • This means 185 of the schools in the county are now benefiting from this technology.
      • He has also benefited from being given a more expansive role under the Swede.
      • Many small businesses believe they are the last in line to benefit from competition in telecoms.
      • Meanwhile, the mayor's own tsunami fund is set to benefit from a couple of large donations.
      • Some annuals are slow to germinate and grow and benefit from an early sowing.
      • I want you to know that you may benefit from the love that an animal is capable of giving.
      • Drug addicts would benefit from the tests once they decided to kick the habit.
      • They believe that these children would benefit from being in mainstream education.
      • A Bill will be introduced to enable more young people to benefit from higher education.
      • Changes in view throughout the film come more from chance events than any deeper process.
      • They could even resolve the problems caused by emissions from their processes.
      • All we ask is that the owner provides us with some photographs to show that the tree came down from natural causes.
      • During the late period of slavery attempts were made to prevent infant deaths from tetanus.
      • The high number of deaths from cholera this year has exacerbated the emergency.

    • 5.2(on the basis of)

      from experience/observation I would say that … según mi experiencia/por lo que he visto, diría que …
      • We read that what's on and where can be obtained from the tourist information centre.
      • She was allowed to obtain information from the patient and her medical notes.
      • Up to now much of your farming knowledge was gleaned from your parents and teachers.
      • I can say from first hand knowledge that there was not a player in his side that did not hate him.
      • Take the knowledge from the history of a thing and apply it to The NOW, to Yourself.
      • In one case, a young woman was convicted of neglect on the basis of evidence from a radiographer.
      • Can you actually speak from medical experience to use this as a basis of comparison?
      • This information seems to have been obtained from file notes which were not made available to us.
      • As far as I could gather from the local paper, all he does is take down, put up and modify speed humps.
      • Should they be more discerning about the sources they draw their information from?
      • Their injuries were so bad that police had to identify them from their fingerprints.
      • He said he needed more information from carnival organisers before he could quote the cost.
      • The data obtained from the analysis of polar structure is illustrated in Table XIV.
      • You realise what you have got from it and can identify others at earlier or differing stages in the process.
      • Data on birth characteristics were obtained from the Danish medical birth registry.

  • 6

    • 6.1(out of, off)

      from the cupboard/shelf del armario/estante

    • 6.2Mathematics

      5 from 10 is 5 10 menos 5 es 5
      • if you take 5 from 10 si le restas 5 a 10

  • 7

    (with preps & advs)
    from above/below desde arriba/abajo
    • blessings from above bendiciones del cielo
    • the lady from across the street la señora de enfrente
    • he crawled out from under the table salió gateando de debajo de la mesa