Translation of frontman in Spanish:


testaferro, n.

Definition of testaferro in Spanish


  • 1

    (for dubious activity)
    testaferro masculine
    • He has been the blunt frontman of a bid to make suburban growth pay its full freight, and has drawn the ire and political activism of major home builders in so doing.
    • New disruption tactics have seen regulators used to strip the frontmen of organised crime of their licences to carry out MOTs or operate in the sector.
    • She thinks he is just the frontman for the competition which has been criticised for ruining the music industry.
    • Stop being a front man for a bunch of investors!
    • He has been forced into being a frontman for a bunch of modern-day American scoundrels.
    • One school sees him as the leading cheerleader, a laughing and smiling front man for a company that has been struggling more than usual the past few years.
    • He talks at Watford's training ground, having been installed as a most charming front man for a controversial project.
    • They see themselves as men of destiny, when they're actually front men for a massive scam that has been going on long before their grandparents got out of diapers.
    • Many remain suspicious, accusing the scholar of being a front man for a military-backed bid to promote a hand-picked caretaker administration over an elected government.
    • They view him as the philosophical front man for a movement to transfer entitlement spending for the poor and working class back to the wealthy.
    • The man clearly stands for nothing; he's a chancer, a frontman for a political party that is dying.
  • 2

    presentador masculine