Translation of fructose in Spanish:


fructosa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfrəkˌtoʊs/ /ˈfrəkˌtoʊz/ /ˈfrʌktəʊz/ /ˈfrʌktəʊs/

Definition of fructosa in Spanish


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    fructosa feminine
    • Invertase, for example, aids photosynthesis in vine leaves, by converting sucrose to the invert sugars fructose and glucose.
    • When sucrose is hydrolyzed the mixture of glucose and fructose is called invert sugar.
    • Glucose, sucrose and fructose are the major soluble sugars found in strawberry fruit.
    • The procedure is based on the cleavage of sucrose by invertase to glucose and fructose.
    • Glucose and fructose, two sugars found in fruits and vegetables, are monosaccharides.