Translation of fruitful in Spanish:


provechoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfrutfəl/ /ˈfruːtfʊl/ /ˈfruːtf(ə)l/

Definition of provechoso in Spanish


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    • But where to plant this potentially fruitful tree?
    • He turns rivers into a desert, springs of water into thirsty ground, a fruitful land into a salty waste, because of the wickedness of its inhabitants.
    • It was seen in the region of Dobrudja, Norteastern Bulgaria, which has always been taken as an example of fruitful land.
    • Bourg's experimental results have shown that flowers that receive pollen from other plants are more fruitful than those fertilized by their own pollen.
    • Babylon's aggression is portrayed as a hot wind that will blow across Judah, rendering fruitful land barren and laying waste to cities.
    • The holy Abbot Barrind has just visited the Promised Land of the Saints, a beautiful place of flowers and fruitful trees.
    • A barren fig tree takes up valuable garden space and nutrients that fruitful trees can use.
    • In order to have a fruitful crop, first there must be rich, fertile soil, and then whatever is sown will not be wasted.
    • The hundred or so windows overlook 300 metres of lake frontage, an orchard of cherry, apple and pear trees, and an avenue of fruitful walnut trees.
    • To be fruitful, a cacao tree must get individual attention - something the family farm and the small farmer are best suited to provide.
    • Additionally, a player may sell a plot of land for a tidy profit, useful in the later stages of the game where the most fruitful tracts of land have been claimed.
    • During the reign of King Rosen the land was rich and fruitful.
    • And it reminded me of how God says in the Bible that sometimes a tree needs to be pruned to be fruitful.
    • The rolling green pastures were now dust, plumes of brown and yellow swirling over a land which was once so rich and fruitful.
    • The land that he bought from the great house is very fruitful, yielding more harvest than his own land.
    • Perhaps it is not insignificant that, standing under E. Foecunda, the fruitful eucalypt, the nameless stranger offers Ellen an apple.
    • The pictures show squares within squares - the water-holding depressions that in ancient times made the gardens fruitful.
    • No need to worry over wheat when you're harvesting barley, and maize isn't going to be as fruitful when it's time to sow fallow.
    • The Arabs of Madînah used to fecundate their palm-trees in order to make them more fruitful.