Translation of fulfilled in Spanish:


realizado, adj.

Pronunciation /fʊlˈfɪld/


  • 1

    to feel fulfilled sentirse realizado
    • Apart from excitement and the odd growl, they have always been friendly encounters with happy, fulfilled dogs and pleasant, responsible dog handlers.
    • We had a big enough income from my husband's job, and I knew I'd feel more fulfilled and happy spending Chloe's early years with her.
    • What does a precise understanding of sperm production in the testicles or egg production in the ovary contribute to a more fulfilled or happier sex life?
    • Unintentionally, Anne's step showed her to be a wise and unpretentious woman, whose only aspirations for her children were that that they live happy and fulfilled lives.
    • As a result, it was part of my private agenda to find older gay men who had figured out how to grow up and grow old as happy, fulfilled men.
    • I wish you all every happiness in your relationships, work hard to make it work for you all and you will have a long and happy fulfilled life together.
    • A large number of people with cancer overcome the disease and live fulfilled lives for many years.
    • Many people's health, their livelihoods, environment and prospects for a secured and fulfilled future are being destroyed.
    • He guarantees you a great future and a fulfilled life.
    • He squeezes every possible ounce of emotion out of those two octaves and the restricted range of his voice - characteristic of the man who believes in living a fulfilled life.
    • Most parents and other family members want their children to be happy, to have a fulfilled, rewarding life.
    • He is going to make a future partner very fulfilled sexually.
    • Successful or not, the efforts to produce well-rounded, fulfilled scholars will go on, as they do in schools up and down the country.
    • We cannot, of course, defer working on social problems until we attain a critical mass of fulfilled people capable of saving the planet.
    • She sees a bigger picture. ‘It's all about defining a fulfilled life in a culture that has no real experience of people in their eighties and nineties.’
    • In setting the scene for my post I would love to recount a tale of blissful youth, a text-book joyride throughout early adulthood culminating in a fulfilled maturity.
    • The imagery evokes the sense of transforming the mundane lives of ordinary individuals into extraordinary, fulfilled ones.
    • She may be unable to recall the four digit code for her new combination boiler in order to run a bath, but she can share with the audience the secrets for a fulfilled, successful life.
    • Medical reason or not, higher risk or not, us mothers of caesarean-section babies are no less fulfilled than any other mother, end of story.
    • They must decide for themselves what being rich and fulfilled means.