Translation of fulfilling in Spanish:


pleno, adj.

Pronunciation /fʊlˈfɪlɪŋ/

Definition of pleno in Spanish


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    (life) pleno
    I don't find my work fulfilling mi trabajo no me satisface / no me hace sentirme realizado
    • In an age obsessed with image and celebrity, modern women ponder the question whether they can ‘have it all’ and combine a fulfilling career with a happy personal life.
    • They are wished fulfilling and happy times while at school.
    • New members are very welcome - become part of this association whose aim is to help older people have a fulfilling and happy life and which has already over 2,000 members in the West.
    • People who are economically stable, healthy and happy with fulfilling personal, family and work lives are not the ones who seek readings - at least not very often!
    • I found that making her happy was very fulfilling.
    • It's about what a person can tolerate and still have a fulfilling relationship and a happy life.
    • ‘The faces filled with gratitude when we attend a call and save a life makes my career more rewarding and fulfilling than any other,’ she says.
    • It has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience, mid I see passion developing in other people.
    • I had worked hard towards what I thought was going to be a rewarding and fulfilling career, but my life had now completely fallen apart.
    • Working for the Met offers potential officers a fulfilling, diverse and rewarding career.
    • Providing more quality academic resources and urban programs for youth would be a more fulfilling reward.
    • Karen says it was a much more satisfying and fulfilling experience.
    • Med school teaches you how to be a doctor, and we were very focused on having these wonderful, booming, academic, fulfilling careers.
    • It's a territory I find very rewarding, very fulfilling, very human.
    • But having said that, it's obviously a fulfilling, satisfying and fun job for you isn't it?
    • I wish him and his new wife, Nichola, all the very best for the future and hope he can soon find a new fulfilling career.
    • For a classical story ballet to truly be a fulfilling experience, the movements have to reveal character; they need to have an underlying motivation.
    • They're also the rewards of truly fulfilling work.
    • For most people, these changes are extremely liberating, and marriages that succeed can be much more rewarding and fulfilling than those of the past.
    • It is an unhappy fact that many people in this group can be destructive if they cannot harness their intellect and passion into both fulfilling relationships and rewarding work.