Translation of full-frontal in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈfʊl ˈˌfrən(t)l/


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    full-frontal nudity desnudo integral
    • Bradford Council came under fire in 1997 after banning musclemen dance troupe The Chippendales from its venues for being too raunchy - despite the show having no full-frontal nudity.
    • Despite the full-frontal nudity and frank eroticism in the film's early scenes, the answer was no.
    • ‘They watch ‘Oz’ for the full-frontal nudity.’
    • That's right, in a medium where male full-frontal nudity is hardly a showstopper any more.
    • Confronted (quite literally in a number of cases) by full-frontal nudity, Ms Bakewell came across like a slightly shocked, bemused English teacher.
    • That, and not, say, full-frontal nudity, was the whole purpose of the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of the press.
    • Today, as a sign of how society has advanced, the fuss now centres more on eight seconds of full-frontal nudity, which still sells tickets big-time.
    • Five performances from the 10 dancers will include stripping to underwear but not full-frontal nudity.
    • There is no full-frontal nudity in the film, nor is there anything surprising or controversial about the subject matter.
    • And talk about nudity, this film features the most male, full-frontal nudity of any mainstream Hollywood film that I've ever seen, something that you wouldn't expect from a film aimed squarely at high school boys.
    • They have given the film an NC - 17 rating for its sexual content, flashes of full-frontal nudity, language, drug abuse, alcoholism, and violence.
    • Also parents should note there is a scene, not aired in syndication, in the pilot episode containing full-frontal nudity.
    • I mentioned long ago that I had some minor involvement with an ill-fated West End musical that included one of the first examples of full-frontal female nudity on the London stage.
    • The hype about the unprecedented amount of full-frontal male nudity in this play was misplaced - it was a notable effort for far better reasons than that.
    • Of course, it's not like the FCC is about to embrace full-frontal male nudity on the early evening news, but at least they've thrown off the blanket injunction.
    • The UK is more relaxed about televising full-frontal female nudity.
    • I went with an open mind, having read the blurb about it being a non-sexual show with full-frontal male nudity.
    • While a few scenes are still blurred out (I'd assume because otherwise the disc would have to be labeled as pornography), you definitely get your money's worth of nudity, full-frontal and all.
    • It is a thoroughly modern play - indeed, it may be a first for full-frontal male nudity on the Abbey stage - but its themes are chillingly universal, and strike quite close to home.
    • Some even think less collectible nudes, such as full-frontal work and male nudes, which are currently not nearly as accepted as female nudes, will also see an increase in sales.