Translation of fully fledged in Spanish:

fully fledged

Pronunciation /ˈfʊliˈflɛdʒd/ /ˈfʊlɪˌflɛdʒd/


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    • Now, with more than 2100 flying hours logged up, he said he has finally achieved his ultimate goal - that of becoming a fully fledged airline pilot.
    • While the local music industry is struggling, piracy has steadily grown into a fully fledged, parallel industry in its own right, one which reaps where it did not sow with arrogant impunity.
    • Cella today becomes official, her conferrals are after taking place and she's been out in the robes, now a fully fledged and qualified teacher!
    • Last year I reviewed Contribute but I feel that this version of the product has matured into a fully fledged web content management application, so I felt another review was called for.
    • It is likely to start as a small operation, with a couple of staff organising exchanges between US and Scottish artists, but might eventually grow into a fully fledged arts venue.
    • The main aim of the system is to nurture micro-enterprises that may grow into fully fledged businesses.
    • After qualifying as a fully fledged doula, women can employ her to help them through labour.
    • It can also now be claimed as a fact that these missions have eventually reached the status usually ascribed to that of fully fledged churches.
    • Roni invited her to join Full Cycle and move to Bristol permanently to be a fully fledged member.
    • To qualify as fully fledged regulatory networks, however, the European agencies and their national counterparts still need autonomous decision-maker powers, and a firmer legal basis of their independence.
    • There are two basic processes that enable cloud particles to mature into fully fledged precipitation.
    • It takes a year of regular training before controllers can consider themselves fully fledged.
    • A country of 70 million people, a country that had a fully fledged liberal system just 60 years ago, a country that has had 25 years of multi-party experience could surly do better, you'd think.
    • They recognised that propping up a failed and unpopular leader, supporting his transition into a fully fledged dictator, would do less to serve long-term stability than pushing for a peaceful democratic transition.
    • The band played only one song that wasn't featured on their self-titled debut album, a lyricless jam between the drummer and lead guitarist that sounded more authentic and adventurous than most of their fully fledged songs.
    • We will witness, among other things, how the interplay of politics, rule of law, economics and the type of regime will affect the process of East Timor's transition to a fully fledged democratic country.
    • At every house the Green Party councillor hammered home the message that she is campaigning for a hospital for Carlow - not a private hospital or diagnostic centre but a fully fledged hospital.
    • Internal intelligence collection should go fulltime to the police, who with minor augmentation can operate a fully fledged intelligence service with appropriate funding.
    • The service will also work alongside all homeless organisations and provide a service for all people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, ensuring a fully fledged citywide service.
    • The result comes at a critical time for the semi-state, as Aer Lingus management prepare to negotiate with unions in a bid to restructure the company into a fully fledged low cost airline.